MTB - Sherwood Pines red route

9:15 Sat, 8 Jul 2017

Distance: 32.19km

Duration: 3hr 30

A lap, or maybe two, of the red route at Sherwood Pines. Coffee and cakes afterwards at the cafe on site.

Last time we did this it was snowing, freezing and miserable. Hoping for better weather this week ;)

All welcome. If you don't have a mountain bike but still want to come, you can hire a bike for about £25.
Details here including location in case you're not sure:


If its not raining I will be doing 2 or 3 laps


17:38 Tue, 4 Jul 2017

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Meet at:

Sherwood Pines


Created by:
Jim7 14:27 4-07-17

Count me in