Phil Grey-Blest in Royal Derby Hospital


23:03 Wed, 27 Feb 2019

Phil broke the his top left femur in a crash during Sunday's VCLE Reliability Ride.
Riders came down in front of Phil on the nasty S bend on Long Lane north of the Salt Box.
Sam Amps was soon on the scene with many riders giving assistance until the ambulance arrived.

Phil had his operation on Monday where he had metal plates inserted.
I visited Phil this evening at the Royal Derby Hospital and he was in good spirits considering everything.
Phil Giles and another rider visited hm yesterday.

Phil GB is due to be released at the weekend based on physio.
His estimated recovery period is 12 weeks, but Phil thinks he can get on the turbo in 4-5 weeks time.
I passed on everyones best wishes and speedy recovery.

A massive thanks to everyone who helped Phil.


23:03 Wed, 27 Feb 2019

Thanks for the update


14:33 Thu, 28 Feb 2019

Ooft. Get well soon Phil.


14:53 Thu, 28 Feb 2019

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped me and sent messages of support (or just taken the piss). All very humbling - thank you
I’m progressing well and just need to get the swelling down and be able to bend the leg more before they let me home.
I now need to get my appletv working properly


19:27 Thu, 28 Feb 2019

Just in time for the cycling season....:-)


8:29 Fri, 1 Mar 2019

How are you fairing Phil?


10:36 Thu, 7 Mar 2019

Hope you’ve got the tv working- Strada Bianche this weekend ????


11:53 Thu, 7 Mar 2019

A bit better each day, it's just a slow process. Can't wait until I can bend the leg enough to get on the trainer.
Lots of good cycling TV coming up in the weeks aead though.


10:35 Fri, 8 Mar 2019

Don't rush it Phil, but give the physio the same level of effort as you've given Zwift and you'll be back before you know it. Keep movin'


19:56 Fri, 8 Mar 2019

Sorry to hear this Phil. I hope you are back on the bike soon.


11:14 Sat, 9 Mar 2019

If you want a second opinion physio-wise try my mate Mike at;


8:35 Tue, 12 Mar 2019

Hope you are getting some movement back Phil. Keep the physio going and enjoy all the cycling on the tv.


13:41 Mon, 18 Mar 2019

There's lots on - the problem is that it makes me want to ride my bike. More motivation for the physio I guess


10:31 Tue, 19 Mar 2019

Just about managed to turn the pedals yesterday, but only just. Better today and managed 15 minutes with a couple of rests. So that's it now - time to get my money's worth out of Zwift.


17:28 Sat, 23 Mar 2019



18:27 Wed, 3 Apr 2019

and after (well - today)


18:28 Wed, 3 Apr 2019

Holy Christmas!!
Ti Phil ????


13:49 Thu, 4 Apr 2019

Only the best. But I'll let you know if I start leaching rust.


17:03 Thu, 4 Apr 2019

I wondered where I’d left my toothbrush....


19:01 Thu, 4 Apr 2019

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