Beeston CC/Beeston RC/Ilkeston CC Time Trial 2019


6:54 Wed, 8 May 2019

Beeston CC/Beeston RC/ Ilkeston CC 10 Mile Time Trials 2019.

Results and all you need to know about the 2018 season.

Held every Tuesday evening (weather permitting) from late April through to the end of August, the 2019 season will be for 15 events in total.

You must be a member of a Cycling Time Trials (CTT) affiliated club (such as Beeston CC) to ride. Entry is £3 for members of Beeston CC, Beeston Road Club or Ilkeston Cycling Club and £4 for everyone else. (Price increase is due to an increase in CTT levies to £3 per rider)
Under 18 (minimum age 12) are also very welcome, but you'll still need to be a member and bring a signed consent form, available here:
Signing on is from 6.30pm in the lay by to the west of the Star pub in West Leake.
The first rider will be off at 7pm from Pithouse lane.
Please note- The 10 mile course has changed this year.
We are using course AS21/C
This starts on Pithouse lane, just after the bridge in West Leake, goes up the hill on Dark Lane, left at the crossroads to Kingston, and then left back to the Star Inn in West leake, before commencing a second lap, towards the end of the second lap riders will finish just before the signing on lay-by.

Ilkeston Cycling Club are helping providing volunteers to help with the safe running of the event, s marshall is required each week at Kingston crossroads, please volunteer on the post below if you can help.

Additional safety notes
-Please do not queue up on the road before the start, use the gateway until your number is called.
-Take care entering and leaving the lay-by at the start and finish and do not stand on the roadway.
-Please do not return to the timekeeper after finishing, the results will be brought to the lay-by at the end of the event.
-If any events are cancelled due to weather/roadworks.we will aim to post on the club website by 5:30pm, unforeseen events on the course may lead to cancellations at short notice.

Course Record - AS21/C
Ollie Peckover Team KTM UK – 15th May 2018 21.37

Beeston CC club record
Greg Burt 30th April 2019 22.41


6:54 Wed, 8 May 2019

Results 30th April 2019
Greg Burt Beeston CC 22.41
Richard Goulding Ilkeston CC 23.29
Samuel Hillen Ilkeston CC 23.34
Jim Byatt Ilkeston CC 23.40
Matt Lebelinski Ilkeston CC 23.50
Tony Grassby Peak Road Club 24.20
Anthony Ryder Ilkeston CC 24.22
Adam Huelss VC Long Eaton 24.50
Richard Boot Beeston CC 24.55
Nick Hammind Ilkeston CC 25.31
Matt Wood Loughborough 25.42
Steve Musgrave Ilkeston CC 25.46
Karl Gregg VC Long Eaton 25.49
Stephen Fox VC Long Eaton 25.58
Anthony Carbutt Beeston CC 26.00
James Fox VC Long Eaton 26.23
Laura Owler Beeston CC 27.56
Sally Maitland Peak road club 28.06
Anna Burt UoN CC 28.33
Hayley Moore Ilkeston CC 28.34
David Belcher Ratae RC 28.47
Dave Nunn Ilkeston CC 30.31
Mike Davis Beeston RC 31.39
Alison Nunn Ilkeston CC 38.03
Bev Sorsby Beeston CC DNF
Chris Peach Ilkeston CC DNF


6:59 Wed, 8 May 2019

Results May 7th
Paul Cox Racehub 21.42
Alex Shepherd Ilkeston CC 22.47
Josh Gidfings MI Racing 22.52
Jim Byatt Ilkeston CC 24.02
Adam Huelss VC Long Eaton 24.48
Phil Helm VC Long Eaton 25.43
Chris Peach Ilkeston CC 26.08
Matt Wood Loughborough 26.20
James Wilcox Ilkeston CC 26.49
George Randell UoNCC 28.34
David Belcher Ratae RC 28.48
Elizabeth Bridgen Ilkeston CC 31.37
Lindsay Toy Beeston RC 32.54
Dave Nunn Ilkeston CC 32.54


6:59 Wed, 8 May 2019

Results May 14th
Greig Burt Beeston CC 22.52
Rich Steels Ilkeston CC 23.29
Bret Wilks Ilkeston CC 23.45
Keith Palmer Ilkeston CC 24.12
Nick Knighton Ilkeston CC 24.36
Richard Boot Beeston CC 24.58
Karl Gregg VC Long Eaton 25.22
Phil Helm VC Long Eaton 25.40
Stephen Fox VC Long Eaton 25.42
Matt Wood Loughborough Phoenix 25.45
Dave Hartley Ilkeston CC 25.49
Harry Hitchcock TFN 26.14
Steve Musgrave Ilkeston CC 26.17
James Fox VC Long Eaton 26.44
John Atkin Melton Olympic 27.33
Tony Donaldson Ilkeston CC 27.50
Elliot Bowley RPD 28.02
David Belcher Ratae RC 28.26
Dave Nunn Ilkeston CC 29.31
Lorraine Wright Ilkeston CC 34.48
Lindsay Toy Beeston RC 35.17


23:12 Tue, 14 May 2019

Volunteer to marshall the crossroads needed please


7:12 Mon, 20 May 2019

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