Toughest 100km route from Beeston


10:31 Sat, 1 Jun 2019

People may have seen Simon '100 climbs' Warren and Cycling Weakly have been looking for the toughest 100km route in Britain.
So I was thinking what's the toughest, or hilliest 100km ride round here.
This is an invitation to route planners to work out the most gratuitously hilly 100 km route, and for ease of start point, let's say starting from the Rose and Crown, Smalley so there is a gentle warm up, and a Cloves start and Drum hill or Sandy lane finish.
Possible summer 'nor-a-sportuve' ride ahead ...


10:31 Sat, 1 Jun 2019

Where's Mike Whittaker!?


21:55 Sat, 1 Jun 2019

I’ll see what i can come up with. Reckon you could squeeze a dozen seriously steep climbs into that distance, maybe more...


22:04 Sat, 1 Jun 2019

If you could pull in Riber, Bank road and Holly lane with a finish up Sandy lane that would be great!


12:22 Sun, 2 Jun 2019

Heres a starter, , I think the first 10 miles needs work


17:16 Sun, 2 Jun 2019

Not bad as you say could be modified, needs Holbrook and another unnessecary climb or 2 before Heage


17:42 Sun, 2 Jun 2019

I think the "rules" in Warren's challenge mandate a single loop, no crossing your tracks or covering the same road twice.

I'm playing around, few km too long at the moment. I think 3000m / 10,0000ft of climbing is doable if you start from Duffield or Belper, but the first few miles just aren't as hilly.


19:43 Sun, 2 Jun 2019

First draft. Starts/finishes at the bottom of Cloves Hill. 16 double-digit gradient climbs (and I think 7 or 8 that are over 20%), bang on 100km.


20:09 Sun, 2 Jun 2019

That is a lot of gear changes.

Mike H

20:25 Sun, 2 Jun 2019

Good routing Richard- my legs hurt already!


20:31 Sun, 2 Jun 2019

Not really. About 50% of the total distance won't see any gear changes at all... ;-)


20:31 Sun, 2 Jun 2019

almost worth getting the road bike out......


13:07 Mon, 3 Jun 2019

I have a 40x42 on my new bike, bring it on.....!


23:09 Mon, 3 Jun 2019

That really builds up the hurt doesn't it!
Nice one.
Next question is it ridable?
The descents can be as challenging as the climbs.
I'd want to ride it solo or in a group where we regrouped after each climb and rode steady on the descents and in-between.


6:47 Tue, 4 Jun 2019

Anyone want to borrow my cassette? :-0

Paul B

9:18 Tue, 4 Jun 2019

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