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Welcome to our MTB page where you can read all about our activities. Check out the rides/events posts for our planned rides or post your own. The MTB crew have their new bespoke black kit which has gone down very well. It is worth noting that if you want to race in a British Cycling event you need to wear the official registered blue kit. 
Mark Newing hosts another cracking
Christmas Ride

December the 9th the crew joined Mark Newing on the traditional Christmas Ride. This ride was on MTB as the weather took a turn for the worse. But fun was had which only MTB can give. 

After the ride everyone enjoys the hospitality of Mark at Chez Newing.

Thanks Mark for making this a great club event which ends the year, just like the Pudding Ride which starts each year. 


Richard Oakes races in the Midlands CX Series

Since the climax of the cx season, I entered  my first MTB race since the 1990s. I had no choice I was having to race! Not the fun race but the Super Vet category.

My first race was Round 1 of the Midlands XC Series at Sherwood Pines on 19th March 2017. Nervous as not sure what to expect but having raced 20 times at cx in the last season I was happy  with “giving it a go”

It was a fairly uneventful race from my point of view as I seemed to be racing on my own other than the odd junior passing me.

Managed to finish 11th from 14. I accept that as my first race.

Round 2 was Swinnerton Old Park but I was not available for the 9th April as I was putting on two road races.

Round 3, my second race was May 6th at Cannock Chase. Having got my first MTB race out of the way I was happy to give it another go. Whilst I set off in plenty of time my Sat Nav picked up a saved postcode for the venue which I didn’t realise was the incorrect postcode for the HQ. Arrived eventually a little late so signed on and tried a warm up lap but went off course following a marshal’s direction. I now had to find my way back to the start which I did by riding the wrong way on Cannock’s red route!

Race was fast and I found myself in a battle with a guy wearing Rapha gear. On the non technical sections he was faster but on the technical sections I was far superior so my race was on to get to the technical sections first. Mr Rapha and I kept swapping positions until the start of lap 3 when I left him.  Unfortunately, just as I was settled and flying around my left crank arm fell off and I could not continue so a walk back to HQ for me!

My lap times were putting me 6th out of 8. The results show that I was 8th out of 8 having completed only two laps.  There were four riders having completed three laps and 3 riders having completed 4 laps.

Round 4 – 21st May -  Dudmaston Woods – Did not compete

Round 5 - My Win – 24th June 2017

I travelled to Sheffield for the 5th Round of the Midland XC MTB series at Packwood Springs without any expectations as this was only my third race.  The second I DNFed as my left crank had fallen off.

After having ridden a couple of warm up laps I thought this is going to be fun as the course was more technical than the last two.

There were only four of us in the Super Vet category but two of the guys I recognised as racing snakes and the third guy I knew from the last race at Cannock. We had been playing “cat and mouse” Whilst he was quicker on the non technical climbs I was quicker in the technical sections so I had to be in front before these sections.

From the whistle I settled in second place on the wheel of the rider from Lyme RC but he was holding me back. At the first opportunity I rode past and for me a new experience of leading a race.

The pressure was now on to remain in the lead for 5 laps. A big ask but a great position to be in. The course suited me and I noticed that on the downhill technical section with berms and tabletops I was pulling away. I just had to keep the pressure on ith my weaker riding, the climbs.

I went through the finish line to complete one lap and I heard the commentator inform the crowd that the leader of the super vets was Richard Oakes of Beeston Cycling Club. I thought whatever happens that was a great feeling.

I enjoyed the single track climbs and rode the best I have ever ridden on the downhill sections, literally flying.

Every lap the commentator informed the spectators that I was leading my category.

At one point, during the long wooded climb, I heard a voice behind me shout “leader” as he wanted to pass and expected me to pull over. This was a Veteran rider who had started in his category before me. I shouted back “so am I” to which he replied “get on my wheel then” as he rode by. I asked him to slow down but he just disappeared!

On the field approaching the finish area I had opportunity to look back and see where the second placed rider was.  He wasn’t that far behind some 100 metres so I had to press on despite screaming legs. After every lap he seemed to be slipping slightly further back but I could not ease the pressure.

On lap four having been passed by the Vet leader I thought that the race will end when I reached the finish line as per previous races so as I thought I would “up the effort” for this lap to ensure I finished in first place. As I approached the finish the chequered flag was out for a rider 10 yards in front of me but as he passed the flag was withdrawn. I shouted out “Is that the end of the race” to which I was informed “no super vets have five laps”.

Damn, anther lap! After having pushed hard on lap four I would have to push on again. So be it. I entered the final lap thinking “I’m not losing this now” so pushed harder. I could see that the Lyme RC rider had fallen further behind but hoped I had not put too much into lap four. At one point, half way around the course I looked back and could not see anyone so knew that the other riders were finding it hard too. I entered the downhill technical section trying to push on but tiredness caused me to have the worse lap through this section, overcooking one part and fighting my bike to stay upright. After this I had one more climb but my legs were feeling it and the climbing was slow. I thought I heard a bike behind but could not see anyone through the trees but I pushed on determined not to be denied. Opening out at the top of the climb I raced towards the finish area looking back and Mr Lyme RC was nowhere to be seen. I was going to win! One last climb through sandy soil to the pump track section, then a 180 degree left hander up a small grassy rise to the finish line.

I had made it and won my first MTB race. What a feeling.  Over the finish line and a voice shouted “well done Richard” – a friend I had not seen for 7-8 years.

Was it the first time a Beeston jersey was on the top step of an MTB podium?

Round 6 – 25th June did not compete as commissairing duties

In my first season of MTB racing I finished 4th in the Super Vet category. Pleased with that.

Friday 30th June FNSS MTB Marston Lodge

Joined the FNSS (Friday Night Summer Series) and raced at Marston Lodge. Not a really technical circuit but challenging Finished 26th out of 30 vets and 5th out of 5 Super Vets

July 8th  - Queen Victoria CX at Blists Hill Victorian Village

An excellent venue saw Anthony Gill compete in the vets 40-49 and I compete in the age 50+

Ant was set off first and I was set off a minute or two later. My aim was to ride the entire course including two stiff but short climbs and to catch Ant. I had 40 minutes or so to do it.

Having so many riders on the course meant that my intention to ride the climbs could not always be fulfilled  with riders getting off or stalling in front of me but I managed to ride the majority of the course.  I felt good and was moving up the places until the penultimate lap when my chain fell off. I stopped to put it back on but it cost me valuable time and I was overtaken by about 4-5 riders. I managed to overtake a few riders but Ant was no-where to be seen.  After having finished the race I couldn’t see him and assumed he must of fallen off and I’d passed him, but oh no he was there in the melee of riders at the finish!

This race was televised for The Bike Channel and Ant and I were interviewed afterwards by the loverly Anna Glowinski  so look out for the race when it is aired probably next month.

A great race and a great venue with the added spice of racing against a team mate.

Some fantastic images from the crew bivvy camping and embracing the elements.
New BCC MTB black kit

Over the last 5-6 years the club has built up an increasing number of MTB rides and events, and as such our members of the MTB persuasion asked if they could have their own kit that looked different plus had certain MTB features.

As a result we have launched our new MTB jerseys and our thanks go to Rob Topliss and Richard Oakes for their support in helping the club deliver this kit.

Our members' sourced a specialist MTB supplier as they needed certain kit features such as meshing. 

The club would like to confirm that our blue club and race kit will continue to be provided by Godfrey Sport.


Some nice shots of the developing BCC kit family.