Nottingham University GP 21st May

Nottingham BRC Uni GP 21st May
Cat 4 race 

Angus raced to an excellent 4th and Sam was very unlucky to get 11th just outside the points. They were both pleased with their overall performance on this tough course. Angus was pleased to move up to cat 3 even though he competed in a tough triathlon yesterday, while Sam ran out of juice in the final climb up to the line.

Ladies Cat 2/3/4
Yasmin, Izzy, Cheryl and Laura were in high spirits after this weeks win and team success at Mallory Park. Today didn't disappoint with another sterling performance. The pace of the race was relentless and the large pack shrunk to 9 riders competing for the win. Yasmin powered to a fantastic 4th and Izzy grabbed a well earned 7th. Cheryl wearing number 13, punctured on the first lap so was out even before it began. This was especially disappointing, as she  felt her form is good and  hoping for a podium place. Cheryl will now wear 13 upside down as is general protocol in racing. Laura was strong, but she suffered a double puncture half way through the race. Even though Cheryl and Laura were out through bad luck, they still had two team mates in the mix proving their Cat 2 potential...

Men Cat 2/3
This race was at a much faster tempo,  Greg and Ed were racing at full tilt with no recovery opportunities,  this took its toll in the last quarter of the race. It was essentially a Cat 2 race and many were shelled out the back,  Greg and Ed  gained valuable experience on this demending circuit.

All in all, it is great to see the team being represented in each race and the squad becoming  stronger and wiser. Roll on the rest of May and June.  



Posted: 21/05/2017   By: .John McCay

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