Racing reports up to 11th June

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29th May - GA Ellingworth Cat 3/4 

Two BCC riders Tom K and Sam A travelled to Hungerton for the GT ellingworth cat 3/4 race organised by Witham wheelers.
It was a 48mile race on a rolling course with a few short sharp hills each lap. 

They both held themselves well in the bunch. This was a good develpment race for them as it was Tom's first longer race back this season and Sam's first race ever over 35miles. 

Tom was near the front of the bunch when the winning break finally got away, but decided not to go with it, as every other break had come to nothing and he wanted to save energy to make sure he was good for the finish. Sam waited until the last lap before attacking out of the bunch, up to one man up the road and trying to get over to one of the breakaway groups away with him. Unfortunately Tom was spent and Sam persisted until the bunch pulled back to him. There was then less than 5 miles to go and no one wanted to work. 

It came to a bunch drag up the final hill with 6 already up the road. 
Tom cramped up as the pace increased up the hill and sat up to stay safe, rolling over the line with the majority of the bunch. A good result for a new father with minimal training time recently. Sam found myself squeezed out of position but worked his way through slower riders on the last hill to move up a good number of  places and finish with the front group in the sprint for minor placings. Again he finished just outside the points but feeling stronger each race. 

These races are important for the full squads individual development which is incredibly important for team's overall improvement towards the end of the season and looking towards 2018 season. 


6th June Harvey Hadden Cat 4 & Cat 2/3
Sy Skerton and Dan Thompson raced in the Cat 4 looking to make an impression on the race and get some points. It proved to be a successful evening with Dan grabbing 7th and Sy getting a hard fought 8th.

Sy went off the front early to shake up the race and stayed away for a couple of laps. Then decided to go back into the pack,  for the middle of the race. Two riders broke off the front and a group of six including Dan and Sy chased them down. As Sy got to the top of the hill in a head wind the group dropped Sy and meant that he had to TT solo to catch them in time for the last lap. With Sy spent he managed to grab the 8th spot and he will aim to be less aggressive too early in the races to save his legs for when it matters.  


7th June Milton Keynes Bowl Cat 3/4
Sy earned a terrific 3rd , as a result of him riding a more tactical race, where he and another rider worked together.

One rider went off the front early on and Sy and another chased after with 20 minutes to go and held at 30 seconds from the chasing goup to go over the line in 3rd place.

Sy was very happy with 9 points in two days which was looking great for the rest of the season. However on the 8th Sy was hit by a car which turned in front of him at the last minute, leaving him no time to react. Sy suffered open fractures and lost his fornt teeth. We all wish Sy a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in action when he is ready. 

Posted: 11/06/2017   By: .John McCay

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