Supporting young talent

As the race season approaches things are developing nicely across the board. The men and ladies team are training and preparing well. 

During last year young Tomas Miller joined BCC and showed great potential for the future. Craig Billy Barton also a new member to the senior squad discussed adding further support to develop Tomas with Sally Foulkes and Phil Giles.

See Craig Billy Barton training report. 

"Over the last 6 months I have been involved with Beeston CC and luckily got to do some racing for the men’s team. I joined last July to see how the year would go and got involved with helping a young rider Tomas Miller who shows a lot of potential.

As he is a junior rider he is still learning his race craft as he hasn’t long been racing but shows a lot of strength in his riding. There is just something about him which I felt needs building upon, so I spoke to Paul Mill at Elite cycling who are based in Crystal Palace and got Tomas on board their development rider plan where they build a good structured training plan for young riders and making sure they are not burning themselves out but making them into a strong rider. 
I have a good relationship with Paul and I felt that Elite would be a good match for him especially as Paul coach’s other young riders across the UK up to Semi pro level including involvements with Team Wiggins development squad and has coached world and national champions in the past.

Tomas has been with Elite Cycling coaching since October where he started with his first Ftp test which showed him where he needed development but also what actual pain is! It was a good test and since then he has been training to the plan and we have seen some awesome improvements to his fitness and staying power. In Mid-February Tomas and I are going to Calpe in Spain to get some good structured training with Elite Cycling where we will be riding across into the mountains and doing some hard interval sessions on some of the most famous climbs which feature in the Vuelta which will involve covering about 85 miles a day. 

This will be good for Paul to get to know Tomas and see where we need to do extra work on to make him an all rounded rider. From what I’ve seen Tomas has the perfect build and low weight to climb quickly with the best.

I am looking forward to seeing how the 2018 season goes for him and how he builds upon his training".
End report.

Many thanks to Craig Billy BartonPhil GilesSally FoulkesRichard Oakes and our sponsors who have helped young Tomas to get to this stage of his development.

Posted: 21/02/2018   By: .John McCay

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