Great racing up to 21st of May

Shrewsbury 1st May
Cheryl was looking to make a May Day impact and she certainly did against a strong E/1/2 field by grabbing a great 9th in the sprint.
The signs are looking good for the ladies team.

Overst League 3rd May
Angus Smith earned a solid 10th in round 2, however he was frustrated at being boxed in on the sprint, which cost him at least 5 places. The rest of the team looked to animate the race with breakaway attempts but they are a marked team, as BCC were league champions last year.

Mallory Park 4th May
Tomas Miller and Jack Corah raced Cat 3 at Mallory and grabbed a great 9th and 10th respectively.
Dan T and Matt S worked hard looking to maximise the breaks but finished in the pack.

Milton Keynes Bowl 4th May
Izzy Wild raced in a highly competitive field and secured a great 2nd which is her highest finish to date.
This race marks a major step up in her performance and Izzy is now only one point off her cat 3 licence.

Darley Moor 6th May
Yasmin, Cheryl and Heather raced Cat 2/3/4. A frustrating race for them as they finished outside of the points, but they worked well together looking for opportunities to light up the race. Their early hard work meant they finished in the main bunch.

The Rockingham Wheelers Stage race 6/7th May
Jack, Sy, Matt J and Colin raced in very windy conditions. Jack had to dnf due to an injury, and the rest of team gained more race experience but sadly no points.

Overst League 7th May
In the 3rd round of the Overst League, Ayrton, Angus, Richard and Sam all hopeful for points,  had  positioned themselves well,  until a tractor caused the race to be stopped 1km from the finish. It didn't work in their favour,  Angus  was in a great position for the win, but after the re-start he got boxed in for the final sprint gaining a frustrating 12th, however the signs are looking very positive and the win will come.

LVRC Cranfield 7th May
Phil Giles is gaining great wins and podium places in this league and it is a measure of his palmaras that he was frustrated with a 6th place today.

Hinckley womens RC TTT 7th May
The Queen Bees marked this 4up team TT as an opportunity to make an impact and they certainly did when the ladies team stormed to a fantastic first win of the season! The race could have slipped away from Izzy, Cheryl, Yasmin and Laura as they had a few adventures but in the end they were clearly a class above the other womens teams.

Cyclopark Gravesend 
Iain Carr tested himself against a higher quality category E/1/2 field. Iain grabbed a great 7th place which highlights the total strength of the squad to compete at all levels.

Milton Keynes Bowl 10th May
Sy raced the Cat 4 at MKBowl and came in 13th, still outside the points but gaining valuable experience.

Lincoln Criterium 12th May
Angus and Sam raced in the cat 3/4, 1 mile circuit around the Cathedral area of this historic city.
The racing was fast on the greasy surface with some nasty off cambers with rain  adding to the testing conditions. Sam was holding his own but couldn’t improve his position after being caught behind a crash. Angus was on the right side of the crash behind him and was making excellent progress fighting up the placings. With 2 laps to go, he was in a top ten position, but had a "get down" thanks to the wet off camber section. Despite a heavy fall and some extensive road rash, he managed to get up and was very miffed on being so close to the points. Despite the mishap Angus is making great progress and we eagerly await his return.    

Lea Valley 13 May
Sy raced the Cat 4 which was a torrid affair with some shocking riding skills. Sy managed to avoid the crashes. Living to fight another day.

Darley Moor 14th May
In the mens Cat 3/4 race, Colin, Sam, Tom and Ayrton were looking to make their numbers count. As the race started it became clear that Colin’s health and Sam’s fatigued legs from Lincoln Criterium meant that they pulled out half way through. It was left to young Tom and Ayrton to fly the flag. The race got very sketchy with a few laps to go when there was a crash at the chicane before the finish line. Tom and Ayrton competed for the final sprint but came in 14th and 16th.  

In the woman’s race Cheryl made a real impact on the race by forcing a break into the headwind to test fellow racers and  closed down other breaks. In the final sprint, having learnt from her last race, was in a good position before the final chicane and placed a great 6th place.

Thornley Island, Portsmouth 17th May
In the Army Cycling Road Race league Sy Skerton used this race to up the anti with many  breaks but the group  chased everything down. In the final lap, he stole away with a group of four, whilst the peloton were thinking of saving themselves. The leading four then started to look at each other so Sy and another rider made the decisive jump for glory. On the line Sy was pushed into 2nd place. This is a great performance and the result is well deserved. Sy is off the the Alps for a weeks training and we look forward to his return and some solid racing.

Mallory Park 18th May
Ladies Cat 2/3/4 race
Yasmin, Izzy, Laura and Heather produced the first win of the season. This cat 2/3/4 race had some strong riders and the race was progressing at a steady pace and when the heavens opened. The race became much tougher yet the peloton stayed together for the final uphill sprint and Yasmin powered through the rain to go clear for a fantastic win. Izzy, Laura and Heather raced extremely well and earned themselves a fantastic 5th,6th and 10th position. This great team result marks the next steps of the team’s progress and the club is thrilled for them.  

Mens Cat 3/4 race
Matt, Tom and Jack raced in the same difficult conditions and held their own. There was a crash on the hair pin which added to the edginess on the peloton. Jack pulled out as he was still recovering from a previous crash. Tom made a few breaks half way through the race, he managed to stay away for 5 laps but the peloton closed it down. On the final lap Matt made a break with another rider and they almost made it to the line but the group caught them with 500 metres to go and he finished just outside the top ten.
This race further illustrates our teams approach and attitude to animate every race.

Shrewsbury 21st May Cat 3 only race
Ayrton, Tom and Jack took to the field buoyed by recent success.  It was looking good as they were approaching the final hairpin .

As they entered the hairpin a rider approached it too fast and caused chaos in the peloton. Furtunately our riders stayed upright but Tom and Jack were caught  behind it and lost all their momentum, so raced in with the group. Ayrton was luckier, so fought back to sprint for a well earned 9th. Ayrton believes he could have finished higher but that is racing. Roll on the next race!   

Posted: 20/05/2017   By: .John McCay

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