Another great 2018 season

It has been another busy 2018 with Time Trials, and Hillclimbs.

The results and performances are recorded from the CTT events and our own club events.

BCC TT (summer series)
Once again we would like to thank Steve Custance, Sarah DK, Richard Boot  and the many members from both BCC and BRC for their support and marshalling to ensure the event runs smoothly.


Results in from Richard Boot has confirmed that David Hughes and Sally Maitland have won the 2018 BCC Time Trials. Many congratulations to them and we will present their trophies at the club AGM on the 7th of December. We have just received the new ladies trophy. Last year’s winner Martin Baxter is returning the male winners trophy for the presentation.


BCC HillClimb
Congratulations go to Tim Hoyle who claimed the title for a second year against some stiff competition. The ladies title was not contested as most of the ladies were competing in other regional competitions. 


Cycling Time Trials organisation CTT
Throughout the year our members have competed in many different TT distances around the country.  You can see their CTT performances on the link:

Richard Boot, Richard Ferguson, Peter Rus, Ayrton Carlton, Matthew Jones, Martin Smith, Stefan Rick, Laura Owler, Emily Kate Walton, Yasmin Marks and Sally Maitland

Many recorded personal best times with Richard Boot recording some great performances that have set club records. The Queen Bees were outstanding won the National Hill Climb Team title. See below:

Richard’s significant performances
29.09.18, RTTC national 50 mile championship 01:55:59 club record for 50 miles

16.06.18, Mercia CC 30 mile TT, O1.05.06 club record for 30 miles ( no recorded 30 mile time previously)

01.09.18, BDCA 100, 03:57:34 club record for 100 miles

Yasmin’s significant performances
National Team Hillclimb Championships, Winner.
Belper HC, Holly Lane, winner.
Matlock HC, Banks road and Riber, won both.
Nonsal HillClimb, 6th.

Laura’s significant performance
National Team Hillclimb Championships, Winner.

Emily’s significant performance
National Team Hillclimb Championships, Winner.

If anyone has any photos from their TT events please email them to John on

It is great to see many great performances from our members in 2018 and we look forward to 2019.  

Beeston CC/RC Evening 10 Mile TT

Open TT results from BCC race teamCarl D claimed first in The welland Valley 25m TT
Carl D claimed joint first in The Coalville Wheelers 10m open TT
Sally M claimed first in The Coalville Wheelers 10m open TT
Carl D claimed 4th in the Rockingham 10m TT
Carl D claimed 4th in the Spalding 25m TT
Carl D claimed 1st in the Ratae CC 10m TT

Held every Tuesday evening (weather permitting) from late April through to the end of August, the 2017 season will be 18th April - 22nd August making 19 nights in total.

This year we will be continuing with the handicap system based on your time, with which you can gain points towards a trophy.

You must be a member of a Cycling Time Trials (CTT) affiliated club (such as Beeston CC) to ride. Entry is £2.00 for members of Beeston CC or Beeston Road Club, and £3 for everyone else. 

Under 18 (minimum age 12) are also very welcome, but you'll still need to be a member and bring a signed consent form, available here:

Signing on is from 6.45pm in the layby to the west of the Star pub in West Leake. The first rider will be off at 7pm from the top of Dark Lane.

The 10 mile course starts at the top of the first hill on Dark Lane, towards the end of the 2nd lap riders will finish by passing the Star pub on the left and continuing along Brickyard Lane to the finish line. 

An individual time trial is the simplest and some would say purest form of bicycle racing. Sometimes called "The race of truth", just you and your bike with no bunch to shelter in and no team mates to take pace from, It's just you racing against yourself.

Will you beat your time next week?

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Please direct any queries to


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Evening 10 Course Record (under BCC) 
15th August 2017Kurt Bergin-Taylor20:55
BCC Club Evening 10 Record  
3 July 2018Richard Ferguson23:07
? ??? 2017??????
3 May 2016Will Davey22:49
23 June, 2015Chris Bates22:28
29 April, 2014Mike Whittaker23:09
13 August, 2013Tom Hibberd23:19
14 August, 2012Mike Whittaker22:39
16 August, 2011Mike Whittaker23:48


Evening 10 Course Record (under BCC)
20 May, 2014Louise Collins24:30

2017 Season

 22nd August 2017  
1Ed WaltersVC Long Eaton22:38
2Richard BootRPD Racing22:52
3Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton23:40
4Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:19
5Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC25:12
6Andy KeetleyBeeston CC25:47
7John AtkinMelton Olympic26:19
8Debbie FosterBeeston RC27:11
9David BelcherRatae RC27:56
10David HughesBeeston CC28:09
11Fliss KeatleyBeeston CC28:12
12Chris GreenVCB28:33
13Ian StevensonBeeston CC28:34
14Emmett SeelochanBeeston RC28:37
15Mike DavisBeeston RC28:51
16Kajsa TylerVCB29:43
17Catherine HughesBeeston CC29:48
18Ethan ShepherdBeeston RC30:20
 15th August 2017  
1Kurt Bergin-TaylorRace Hub20:55
2Ollie PeckoverGiant Store / Watt Bike21:18
3Richard BootRPD Racing22:46
4Joe PerkinsLLB22:54
5Chris StanleyRPD Racing23:05
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:32
7Martin BaxterBeeston CC24:33
8Izzy WildBeeston CC25:45
9Richard AlexanderBeeston CC25:48
10Ellie CooperRace Hub26:36
11David BelcherRatae RC27:23
12Jacob FlemingOxford27:35
13Debbie FosterBeeston RC27:42
14David HughesBeeston CC28:48
15Mike DavisBeeston RC29:00
 8th August 2017  
No Event, Rained off-
 1st August 2017  
1Paul CoxGiant Store / Watt Bike21:28
2Kurt Bergin-TaylorRace Hub21:50
3Richard BootRPD Racing22:57
4Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC25:29
5Karl GreggVC Long Eaton26:43
6Jerry CookVC Long Eaton26:50
7David BelcherRatae RC27:45
8Debbie FosterBeeston RC28:01
9Andrew SidwellBeeston RC29:06
10Mike DavisBeeston RC29:20
11Ethan ShepherdBeeston RC29:57
12John AtkinMelton Olympic30:04
13Jacob FlemingOxford30:12
14Geoff CarterVC Long Eaton30:13
 25th July 2017  
1Craig BartonBeeston CC22:47
2Bret WilksNotts Police23:13
3Will HayesRPD Racing24:04
4Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:27
5Karl GreggVC Long Eaton24:33
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:41
7Ryan BallardTeam Bottrill25:18
8Rob WildVC Long Eaton25:24
9Bryan GreenVC Long Eaton25:38
10John AtkinMelton Olympic26:25
11Jerry CookVC Long Eaton26:46
12Paul BlomerusRPD Racing27:28
13John LeemingVC Long Eaton27:29
14Debbie FosterBeeston RC27:38
15David BelcherRatae RC27:44
16Laura OwlerBeeston CC28:07
17Mike DavisBeeston RC28:51
18Ethan ShepherdBeeston RC30:40
 18th July 2017  
1Kurt Bergin-TaylorRace Hub22:02
2Dan SpeedTFN22:47
3Chris TillRPD Racing23:26
4Bret WilksNotts Police23:44
5Karl GreggVC Long Eaton24:21
5Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:21
7Jon SingfieldVC Long Eaton24:35
8John AtkinMelton Olympic26:15
9Peter RussBeeston CC26:49
10David HughesBeeston CC28:18
11David BelcherRatae RC28:28
12Mike DavisBeeston RC29:09
13Louise O'ReilyBeeston RC29:20
14Emmett SeelochanBeeston RC35:39
15Bryan GreenVC Long EatonDNF
 11th July 2017  
No Event, Rained off-
 04th July 2017  
1Alex PritchardRPD Racing21:32 CR
2Richard BootRPD Racing22:47
3Ed WaltersVC Long Eaton22:52
4Chris TillRPD Racing23:42
5Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:01
6Tom Cox RPD Racing24:31
7Matt WoodLoughboro Phoenix24:36
8Martin BaxterBeeston CC25:56
9J LeemingVC Long Eaton27:03
10Jack BradleyRPD Racing27:47
11David BelcherRatae RC28:01
12Debbie FosterBeeston RC28:02
13Dave HughlessBeeston CC28:17
14Jack WatsonBeeston RC28:27
15Louise O'ReilyBeeston RC29:03
16Mike DavisBeeston RC29:43
17Ethan ShepherdBeeston RC31:13
 27th June 2017  
No Event, Rained off-
 20th June 2017  
1Alex PritchardRPD Racing21:52
2Chris StanleyRPD Racing22:48
3Mark BottrillTeam Bottrill23:08
4Peter CampbellHeanor Clarion23:19
5Jon SingfieldVC Long Eaton23:56
6Richard AlexanderBeeston CC25:12
7Rob WildVC Long Eaton25:13
8Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC25:15
9Martin BaxterBeeston CC25:18
10Royston LeeVC Long Eaton25:40
11Richard WorleyCDCC26:06
12Ross PerksRPD Racing26:34
13John LeemingVC Long Eaton27:11
14Debbie FosterBeeston RC27:59
15Andrew SidwellBeeston RC28:10
16David BelcherRatae RC28:12
17David HughesBeeston CC28:24
18Mike DavisBeeston RC29:52
19Ethan ShepherdBeeston RC32:00
 13th June 2017  
1Dan SpeedTFN22:29
2Richard FergusonBeeston CC22:44
3Richard BootRPD Racing22:50
4Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:09
5Karl GreggVC Long Eaton24:35
6Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:41
7Bryan GreenVC Long Eaton25:07
8Tom Hill & Co 2UpCWCC25:16
9Royston LeeVC Long Eaton25:51
10John AtkinMelton Olympic26:30
11Laura OwlerBeeston CC26:50
11Mark SaundersMOCC26:50
12Vreni VerhoevenTFN26:54
13John & Jack PearsonBCC & BRC27:48
14David BlecherRatae RC28:01
15Ethan ShepherdBRC29:03
16Karl WilfordVC Norwich30:15
17Mike Davis & James GoodacreBRC32:02
18Julian & Jack WatsonBeeston CCDNS
 6th June 2017  
No Event, Rained off-
 30th May 2017  
1Joe PerkinsLeisure Lakes Biks22:28
2Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:36
3Alex PritchardRPD Racing22:47
4Chris BatesRPD Racing23:27
5Tom MillerBeeston CC23:32
6Jon SingfieldVC Long Eaton23:54
7Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:13
8Karl GreggVC Long Eaton24:24
9Joe ReskellyUON25:02
10Oliver BlakeRPD Racing25:27
11Richard AlexanderBeeston CC25:35
12Chris ThompsonMOCC25:44
12Charles ToftUONCC25:44
13Peter RussBeeston CC25:54
14Matt RusLongeaton Cycles26:07
15Royston LeeVC Long Eaton26:27
16Derek HaydenTFN26:38
17Robert ThompsonVC Long Eaton26:58
18John AtkinMelton Olympic CC27:01
19Mark SaundersMOCC27:38
20Gary PeckoverNottm Clarion27:48
21Glen DaleyVC Long Eaton27:56
22Kelly WeallBeeston / TFN28:05
22Laura OwlerUONCC / Beeston CC28:05
23David BelcherRatae RC28:06
24Ian BradleyHeanor Clarion28:10
 23rd May 2017  
1Ollie Peckover365 4 Bikes Accadamy21:44
2Alex PritchardRPD Racing22:14
3Chris StanleyRPD Racing22:43
4Darren ColeRPD Racing22:48
5Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:52
6Joe PerkinsLLB23:04
7Richard BootRPD Racing23:19
8Daniel NietoTBW Bottecchia23:24
9Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:04
10Tom MarshLSCC24:14
11Josh HowleyGodrey Bikewear24:23
12Matt woodLoughboro Phoenix24:40
13Vincent RendersLSCC24:55
14Charlotte ChapmanNava Raiders CC24:55
15Andy KeetleyBeeston CC25:14
16Izzy WildBeeston CC25:33
17Ellie CooperRace Hub25:50
18Pete RusBeeston CC26:25
19Joe ReskellyVONCC26:35
20Robert ThompsonVC Long Eaton26:39
21John AtkinMelton Olympic CC26:51
22Royston LeeVC Long Eaton26:53
23Don MileshUON27:02
24Wayne HackettMelton Olympic CC27:14
25Stuart WallerBeeston CC27:15
26Kelly WeallTFN / Beeston27:22
27Tony DonaldsonBeeston CC27:36
28Laura OwlerUONCC/Beeston CC27:44
29David BelcherRatae RC28:01
30Gary PeckoverNottm Clarion28:02
31Marc LupsonMelton Olympic CC28:07
32Rosie LindsayLoughboro Uni28:11
33Heather DouglassBeeston CC28:13
34Ian BradleyHeanor Clarion28:20
35Andrew SidwellBeeston RC28:39
36Fliss KeatleyBeeston CC28:49
37Phil MaskellBeeston CC29:39
38Geoff CarterVC Long Eaton29:54
39Tamzin DewarBeeston CC31:45
40Holly JohnsonUON32:31
 16th May 2017  
No Event, Rained -
 9th May 2017  
1Ollie Peckover365 4 Bikes Accadamy21:41
2Alex PritchardRPD Racing22:01
3Richard FergasonBeeston CC22:57
4Darren ColeRPD Racing23:04
5Richard bootRPD Racing23:12
6Peter CampbellHeanor Clarion24:07
7Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton24:11
8Chris TillRPD Racing24:13
9Jon SingfieldVC Long Eaton24:14
10Josh HousleyGodfrey24:16
11Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:19
12Karl GreggVC Long Eaton24:23
13Matt RusLE Cycles24:40
13Matt woodLoughboro Phoenix24:40
14Ryan BallardTeam Bottrill / HSS Hire24:55
15Rob WildVC Long Eaton25:30
16Jack BradleyRPD Racing25:52
17Rob MorganBeeston CC25:54
18Izzy WildBeeston CC26:13
19Pete RusBeeston CC26:21
20Francesca HallRace Hub26:26
21John AtkinMelton Olympic CC27:05
22Wayne HacketyMelton Olympic CC27:10
23Laura OwlesBeeston CC27:41
24Emily MillarUDWCC27:50
25Andrew SidwellBRC28:12
26Martin BaxterBeeston CC28:34
27Gary PeckoverNottingham Clarion28:45
28Dave Hughlessbeeston CC28:48
29Jon atkinMelton Olympic CC28:45
30Ian BradleyHeanor Clarion29:32
31Stuart RileyBeeston CC30:17
32Phil MaskellBeeston CC30:43
33Tamzin DewarBeeston CC31:50
34Lauren CrispBeeston CC40:52
35Heather DouglassBeeston CCDNF
 5th May 2017  
1Alex PritchardRPD Racing21:57
2Darren ColeRPD Racing23:01
3Richard BootRPD Racing23:27
4James HaydonDerby Mercury23:52
5Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:21
6Tom Cox RPD Racing24:38
7Matt woodLoughboro Phoenix25:11
8Tom HerridgeFontana CC26:03
9Izzy WoodBeeston CC26:26
10Matt RusLongeaton Cycles26-57
11John AtkinMelton Olympic CC27:30
12Karl GreggVC Long Eaton28:09
13Martin baxterBeeston CC29:00
14S HuntleyVC Long Eaton29:04
15Phil MaskellBeeston CC30:37
 25th April 2017  
No Event, Rained - Snowed Off
 18th April 2017  
1Craig BartonElite Cycle23:15
2Will HayesRPD Racing24:11
3Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:56
4Jon SingfieldVC Long Eaton24:59
5Matt woodLoughboro Phoenix25:40
6Rob Morganbeeston CC26:43
7Jon atkinMelton Olympic CC28:45
8Martin baxterbeeston cc31:55

2016 Season

 23rd August 2016  
1Carl ShawVC Long Eaton21:58
2Alex PritchardRPD Racing22:19
3Darren ColeRPD Racing22:46
4Chris BatesRPD Racing23:04
5Will HayesRPD Racing23:55
6Ian KingVC Long Eaton23:56
7Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton24:02
8Richard ReeveRPD Racing24:38
9Jack BradleyBeeston RC26:26
10Adam SmithBeeston RC26:31
11Vicki YervesevenTFN Tri Club27:03
12Ian BradleyHeanor Clarion27:44
13David BelcherRATAE RC28:01
14Mike DavisBeeston RC28:43
15Louise O'ReilyBeeston RC29:06
16Fernanda GoltzLoughborough Uni29:37
17Conor Edwards & RayBeeston29:55
18Ethan ShepherdBeeston Rc30:04
 16th August 2016  
1Craig BartonPMR @ Toachin22:50
2Dan SpeedBeeston CC23:33
3Richard ReeveRPD Racing24:43
4Karl GreggVC Long Eaton25:00
5Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:15
6Rob MorganBeeston CC26:38
7Maggi TebralzeTFN Tri Club27:03
8John AtkinMOCC27:19
9David BelcherRATAE RC28:15
10Mel BerryBeeston RC28:58
11Louise O'ReilyBeeston RC29:08
12Mike DavisBeeston RC29:33
13Ethan ShepherdBeeston RC31:26
14 - 1lap onlyFinnley Silvester Beeston CC14:29
14 - 1lap onlyOscar PfisterBeeston CC14:07
 9th August 2016  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:10
2Richard FergusonBeeston CC22:58
3Richard BootRPD Racing23:57
4Andy KeetleyBeeston CC23:59
5Richard ReeveRPD Racing24:10
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:50
7Rob MorganBeeston CC26:47
8Kelly WeallTFN Tri Club28:19
9Nigel TurnerBeeston CC28:33
10David BelcherRATAE RC28:45
11Fliss KeetleyBeeston CC29:01
12Louise O'Reily & Ethan ShepherdBeeston RC29:27
13Mike DavisBeeston RC29:43
 2nd August 2016  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton23:07
2Mark StockVC Long Eaton25:27
3Beccy Tippins & Rob Payne26:01
4Jon VeitchTFN Tri Club27:02
5John AtkinMOCC27:05
6David BelcherRATAE RC28:26
7Nigel TurnerBeeston CC29:12
8Tony DonaldsonBeeston CC29:30
9Catherine HughesBeeston CC31:06
 26th July 2016  
1Carl Shaw & Haseeb AhmedLeic Tri & VCLE22:02
2Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:47
3Ed WaltersVC Long Eaton23:06
4Bret WilksBeeston CC23:28
5Richard BootRPD Racing23:30
6Richard ReeveRPD Racing24:15
7Rob Payne24:45
8Matt RusLong Eaton Cycles25:40
9Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri Club26:02
10Maggi TebralzeTFN Tri Club26:32
11Scott Boswell26:49
12Royston LeeVC Long Eaton26:50
13David BelcherRATAE RC28:12
14Mel BerryBeeston RC29:10
15Nigel TurnerBeeston CC29:20
16Mike DavisBeeston RC29:34
17Fernanda GoltzLoughborough Uni30:16
 19th July 2016  
1Carl ShawVC Long Eaton22:00
2Chris stanleyRPD Racing22:43
3Dan SpeedBeeston CC23:29
4Bret WilksBeeston CC23:42
5David KeaseyTFN Tri Club23:50
6Joe PerkinsLLB24:23
7Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton24:30
8M WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:35
9Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:57
10Mark StockVC Long Eaton25:36
11Andrew DempsterTicknall Velo Club26:08
12Rob Payne & Beccy Tipping26:17
13Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri Club26:27
14Maggi TebralzeTFN Tri Club26:38
15John AtkinMOCC27:06
16Robert ThompsonUniversity Nottingham27:35
17Mel BerryBeeston RC28:12
18Jessica DenmanBeeston CC28:42
19David BelcherRATAE RC29:10
20Fernanda GoltzLoughborough Uni29:59
21Jo MallinsonTFN Tri Club30:59
22Nigel TurnerBeeston CC31:13
23Richard AlexanderBeeston CCDNF
 12th July 2016  
No Event, Rained Off
 5th July 2016  
1Carl ShawVC Long Eaton22:01
2Craig BartonPMR 22:31
3Richard FergusonBeeston CC22:52
4Richard BootRPD Racing23:14
5Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:03
6Richard ReeveRPD Racing24:12
7David CrossRPD Racing24:22
8M WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:49
9Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC25:25
10Gareth CookRPD Racing25:28
11Mark StockVC Long Eaton25:43
12Richard AlexanderBeeston CC25:46
13David BelcherRATAE RC29:14
14Fliss KeetleyBeeston CC29:16
15Fernanda GoltzLoughborough Uni30:04
 28th June 2016  
No Event, Rained Off
 21st June 2016  
1Carl ShawVC Long Eaton22:11
2Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:18
3Charlie WhiteHMT & JLT Condor23:08
4Richard BootRPD Racing23:10
5Bret WilksBeeston CC23:40
6Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:04
7Richard ReeveRPD Racing24:19
8M WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:42
9Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:52
10Melissa DenmanBeeston CC25:24
11Matt RusLong Eaton Cycles25:48
12Gareth CookRPD Racing25:49
13Richard AlexanderBeeston CC25:50
14Mark StockVC Long Eaton25:56
15Mark ScothernBeeston CC26:38
16Peter RussBeeston CC27:01
17David BelcherRATAE RC28:39
18Fliss Keetley Beeston CC28:59
18Phil MaskellBeeston RC28:59
20Mike DavisBeeston RC29:38
21Nathaniel ManningDerby Mercury41:31
22Chris BatesRPD RacingDNF
 14th June 2016  
No Event, Rained Off
 7th June 2016  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:18
2Chris BatesRPD Racing22:21
3Jordan MackieJackpot Racing22:46
4Carl ShawVC Long Eaton22:48
5Chris StanleyRPD Racing22:49
6Eddie HumphrysModa RT23:44
7Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:00
8Richard ReeveRPD Racing24:23
9Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC24:59
10Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri Club25:54
11Mark StockVC Long Eaton25:54
12Matt RusLong Eaton Cycles25:58
13Stuart WallerBeeston CC26:30
14Pete RusBeeston CC 26:44
15S BoswellUnattached26:47
16Royston LeeVC Long Eaton27:11
17David BelcherRATAE RC28:39
18Fliss Keetley Beeston CC28:56
19Mike DaviesBeeston RC29:16
20Phil MaskellBeeston CC29:40
21Gary BrookesBeeston RC29:41
22Fernanda GoltzLoughborough Uni30:24
 31st May 2016  
No Event, Rained Off
 24th May 2016  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:25
2Richard FergusonBeeston CC23:06
3Bret WilksBeeston CC23:57
4Tristan DavenneNewbury RC23:58
5Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:46
6Matt WoodLoughboro Phoenix25:12
7Mark StockVC Long Eaton25:22
8Billy McCaffertyVC Long Eaton25:43
9Adam SmithBeeston RC26:09
10Royston LeeVC Long Eaton27:19
11Phil MaskellBeeston CC29:58
12N . TurnerBeeston CC30:16
13David BelcherRATAE RC30:56
14Fliss Keetley Beeston CC DNF
 17th May 2016  
1Bret WilksBeeston CC24:14
2Matt WoodLoughboro Phoenix24:45
3Tristan DavenneNewbury RC25:10
4Rob PayneUnattached25:26
5Andy KeetleyBeeston CC25:38
6Billy McCaffertyVC Long Eaton25:57
7Royston LeeVC Long Eaton26:11
8Richard AlexanderBeeston CC26:21
9Paul ConnollyBeeston CC26:58
9Adam SmithBeeston RC26:58
11Kelly WeallTFN Tri Club27:12
12S. BoswellUnattached27:54
13Joel PriceBeeston RC28:20
14Louise O'ReilyBeeston RC29:13
15Phil MaskellBeeston CC30:04
16Fliss Keetley Beeston CC30:16
 10th May 2016  
No Event, Rained Off
 3rd May 2016  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:35
2Will DaveyBeeston CC22:49
3Craig BartonPMR22:53
4Christopher TillBeeston CC24:02
5Bret WilksBeeston CC24:08
6Steve FaulknerB.R.A.T24:19
7Matt WoodLoughboro Phoenix25:07
8Billy McCaffertyVC Long Eaton26:29
9M HaywoodTFN Tri Club26:32
10Adam SmithBeeston RC27:27
11Joe AstonSBABEs27:38
12Kelly WeallTFN Tri Club28:32
13Phil MaskellBeeston CC30:11
14Hannah SpencerBeeston RC34:10
 26th April 2016  
No Event, Rained - Snowed Off
 19th April 2016  
1Carl ShawVC Long Eaton22:46
2John MarshallBeeston CC23:07
3Richard BootRPD Racing23:32
4Chris StanleyRPD Racing23:38
5Richard FergusonBeeston CC23:40
6Christopher TillBeeston CC24:30
7David GardnerSBABEs24:44
8Jon SingfieldVC Long Eaton25:06
9Matt WoodLoughboro Phoenix25:15
10Jack HeathBeeston CC25:25
11Melissa DenmanBeeston CC26:09
12Greg MarzanoTFN Tri Club26:49
13Sam AmpsBeeston RC27:07
14Andrew DempsterTicknall Velo Club27:08
15Jessica DenmanBeeston CC27:53
16Adam SmithBeeston RC28:35
17Joanne SpacyBeeston RC28:50
18Mike DavisBeeston RC30:01
19Phil MaskellBeeston CC31:18
20Jess BarringtonTFN Tri Club32:06
21M GouldLoughboro Phoenix32:08
22Hannah SpencerBeeston RC32:33

2015 Season

 18 August, 2015  
1Craig Barton4TPlus Velo 23:18
2Chris Stanley Beeston CC 23:28
3Bret WilksNotts Police CC24:19
4Matt WoodLoughboro Phoenix24:45
5Andy KeetleyBeeston CC25:26
6Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC25:28
7Andrew SidwellBeeston RC25:42
8John AtkinMelton Oly CC27:16
9Mel BerryBeeston RC28:24
10Mike Davis Beeston RC 28:36
11Fliss Keetley Beeston CC28:56
12Heather WessonTeam Watt Cycles29:36
 11 August, 2015  
1Joe PerkinsBeeston Road Club22:51
2Will HayesBeeston CC24:31
3Alex HodgkinsonBeeston CC25:02
4Richard AlexanderBeeston CC25:34
5Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC25:35
6Stuart WallerBeeston CC26:23
7John AtkinMelton Olympic CC27:01
8Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club27:41
9Mike DavisBeeston Road Club28:47
 4 August, 2015  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton23:06
2Joe PerkinsBeeston Road Club23:39
3Chris StanleyBeeston CC23:55
4Richard BootBeeston CC24:04
5Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton26:14
6Noel HiornsBeeston CC27:02
7Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club28:07
8Mike DavisBeeston Road Club29:05
 28 July, 2015  
1Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton23:37
2Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:58
3Noel HiornsBeeston CC27:09
4Catherine HughesBeeston CC32:38
5Mike DavisBeeston Road ClubDNF
 21 July, 2015  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:45
2Stewart BatesBeeston Road Club23:51
3Richard BootBeeston CC23:52
4Chris StanleyBeeston CC23:59
5Bret WilksNPCC24:52
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:53
7Will DaveyBeeston CC24:55
8Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC25:57
9Mark ThompsonTFN Tri Club26:04
10Derek HaydenTFN Tri Club26:42
11Mark ScothernBeeston CC27:31
12Noel HiornsBeeston CC27:49
13Scott BoswellBeeston CC27:53
14Mike DavisBeeston Road Club28:34
15Fliss KeetleyBeeston CC28:45
16S KingVC Long Eaton30:36
 14 July, 2015  
1Richard BootBeeston CC23:17
2Chris StanleyBeeston CC23:38
3Phil Gray-BlestBeeston CC24:04
4Ian WebsterCTC24:06
5Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:21
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:51
7Tom HerridgeFontana CC24:51
8Johan Van AardtFontana CC25:08
9Ryan BallardCWCC25:10
10Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri Club25:45
11Derek HaydenTFN Tri Club26:47
12Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club27:33
13Fliss KeetleyBeeston CC28:41
14Melanie BerryBeeston Road Club28:50
 7 July, 2015  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:37
2Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton23:34
3Richard BootBeeston CC24:00
4Tom BirdPB Performance24:02
5John BlackedgeFontana CC24:39
6Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:43
7Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:16
8Neil BuddoBeeston CC27:34
9Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club27:50
10Mike DavisBeeston Road Club29:11
11Fliss KeetleyBeeston CC29:16
12Sally FoulkesBeeston CC29:23
 30 June, 2015  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton23:03
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:31
3Chris StanleyBeeston CC23:32
4Dave CrossBeeston CC23:34
5Dan SpeedTFN Tri Club24:11
6Phil Gray-BlestBeeston CC24:13
7Johan Van AardtFontana CC24:43
8Will HayesBeeston CC24:44
9Phil HelmVC Long Eaton24:58
10Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:03
11Martin SmithBeeston CC25:25
12Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri Club25:46
13Mark RobertsBeeston CC26:58
14Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club28:16
15Melanie BerryBeeston Road Club28:31
16Geoff CarterVC Long Eaton29:19
18 2upMaggi IvreniTFN Tri Club25:41
18 2upVreni VerhoevenTFN Tri Club25:41
19Adam HuelssVC Long EatonDNS
 23 June, 2015  
1Chris BatesBeeston CC22:28
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:15
3Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton23:28
4Chris StanleyFontana CC23:36
5Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:50
6Jon HartleyVC Long Eaton24:22
7Will HayesBeeston CC24:36
8John BlackedgeFontana CC24:44
9Tom BirdPB Performance24:48
10Johan Van AardtFontana CC24:52
11Ryan BallardCWCC25:34
12Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC25:37
13Richard AlexanderBeeston CC25:53
14Matt RusVC Long Eaton26:15
15Mark ScothernBeeston CC26:24
16Vreni VerhoevenTFN Tri Club26:40
17Martin HallamNOTA27:05
18Noel HiornsBeeston CC27:20
19Emma LaytonBeeston CC28:35
20Mike DavisBeeston Road Club28:55
21Bret WilksNotts Police30:51
22Phil Gray-BlestBeeston CCDNF
 16 June, 2015  
1John MarshallNotts Police22:48
2Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:57
3Greig BurtBeeston CC23:05
4Richard BootBeeston CC23:26
5Chris StanleyBeeston CC23:28
6Ashley RoweLutterworth CC23:39
7Richard FergusonPort Sunlight WH23:59
8Phil Gray-BlestBeeston CC24:19
9Mike WhittakerBeeston CC24:30
10Darren ColeBeeston CC24:34
11Andy KeetleyBeeston CC25:07
12Tom HerridgeFontana CC25:16
13Gareth CookBeeston CC25:21
14Martin SmithBeeston CC25:23
15Josie GilbertStarley Pro26:17
16Chris ThompsonLRC26:22
17Noel HiornsBeeston CC28:01
18Sally FoulkesBeeston CC28:15
19Fliss KeetleyBeeston CC28:26
20Kelly WeallBike Science28:29
21Mike DavisBeeston Road Club29:03
22Mel BerryBeeston Road Club29:16
23Chris BatesBeeston CCDNS
 9 June, 2015  
1Carl ShawVC Long Eaton22:25
2Chris BatesBeeston CC23:07
3Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton23:34
4Richard BootBeeston CC23:43
5Phil GilesBeeston CC23:51
6Pierce McGrenaghanNorth Road CC24:06
7Ian KingVC Long Eaton24:22
8Chris StanleyBeeston CC24:34
9John BlackedgeFontana CC24:43
10Dave CrossBeeston CC24:44
11Andy KeetleyBeeston CC25:01
12Alex PritchardSBABEs25:05
13Paul StubbsNottingham Clarion25:18
14Ryan Ballard?25:23
15Rory WellsLSCC25:51
16Richard AlexanderBeeston CC26:56
17Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club28:08
18Kelly WealBike Science28:20
19Fliss KeetleyBeeston CC29:31
20Gareth HaynesBeeston CC30:03
21Kate DugherSBABEs30:46
 2 June, 2015  
1Jonathan MarshallTeam Balanced Performance23:14
2David OggBeeston CC23:58
3Pierce McGrenaghanNorth Road CC24:17
4Pierre VernieBeeston CC24:36
5Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:52
6Ray WellsLoughborough Students26:24
7John RutledgeLoughborough Tri Club26:32
8Tom PlattsAspire Velo27:21
9Scott BoswellBeeston CC29:06
10Nikki KayTeam Balanced Performance30:23
 26 May, 20154.8 miles approx 
1Ashley RoweLutterworth CC10:53
2Mike WhittakerBeeston CC10:59
3Darren ColeBeeston CC11:22
4Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix11:43
5Paul StubbsNottingham Clarion11:48
6S BoswellBeeston CC12:42
7Josephine GilbertStarley Pro12:52
8Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club13:10
9Nigel TurnerBeeston CC13:41
 19 May, 2015  
1Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton24:00
2Richard BootBeeston CC24:22
3Jon HartleyVC Long Eaton25:07
4Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:09
5Phil Gray-BlestBeeston CC25:13
6Chris BatesBeeston CC25:17
7Will HayesBeeston CC25:33
8Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:41
9Gareth CookBeeston CC25:55
10Matt SparkesBeeston CC27:02
11Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club28:36
12Kate DugherSBABEs32:04
 12 May, 2015  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:38
2Chris BatesBeeston CC22:52
3Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton23:50
4David CrossBeeston CC23:54
5Richard BootBeeston CC23:59
6Hugo KrabbLoughborough Students CC24:31
7Edward MoesliLoughborough Students CC25:09
8Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:10
9Phil Gray-BlestBeeston Road Club25:13
10M WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:56
11Richard AlexanderBeeston CC26:00
12Anthony CarbuttBeeston CC26:41
13Lee GrayBeeston Road Club27:44
14Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club29:05
15Nigel KintonLG Velo32:32
 5 May, 2015  
 No Event, Rained Off  
 28 April, 2015  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:47
2Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton24:11
3Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:31
4Dave CrossBeeston CC24:38
5Chris StanleyBeeston CC24:54
6Phil Gray-BlestBeeston CC25:08
7Richard BootBeeston CC25:19
8Richard ReeveBeeston CC25:23
9Jacob KennisonBeeston Road Club25:33
10Corey AshleyBeeston Road Club25:42
11Ben IrwinBeeston Road Club26:32
12Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:49
13Derek HaydenTFN Tri Club27:17
14Ross PerksBeeston Road Club27:21
15Jack BeavisBeeston CC27:24
16Greg MarzanoTFN Tri Club27:41
17Mark ThompsonTFN Tri Club27:46
18Gareth HaynesBeeston CC30:19
19Aimee Gamble-MilnerBeeston Road Club31:09
20Kate DugherSBABEs32:06
Chris BatesBeeston CCDNF
Mike WhittakerBeeston CCDNS
 21 April, 2015  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:32
2Chris BatesBeeston CC22:59
3Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton23:31
4Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:38
5Richard BootBeeston CC24:22
6Daniel ButcherLeicester Forest25:17
7Tom Cox?25:29
8Alex JohnsonTFN Tri Club25:42
9Richard FergusonPort Sunlight WH25:48
10Richard AlexanderBeeston CC25:56
11Will Bloomer?25:59
12Gareth CookBeeston CC26:07
13Toby WillsonTFN Tri Club26:10
14Reuben NewsomeBeeston CC26:12
15Andy Wilkinson?26:33
16Christopher TillBeeston CC26:39
17Greg MarzandTFN Tri Club26:56
18Jack BeavisBeeston CC27:18
19Melvyn HaywoodTFN Tri Club27:47
20Hannah Gibbs?28:42
21Mike DavisBeeston Road Club28:55
22Elisa ZamboniBoo Cafe29:00
23Gareth HaynesBeeston what?30:19
24Hannah SimmondsSBABEs31:45
25Kate DugherSBABEs32:03
26Sophie Bell?36:50

2014 Season

 19 August, 2014  
1Simon CooperNottingham Clarion23:51
2Adam SmithBeeston Road Club23:54
3Jon HartleyVC Long Eaton23:56
4Chris ThompsonLRC23:56
5Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton24:03
6Nigel FordVC Long Eaton24:25
7Kev FearnshawBeeston Road Club24:32
8Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix24:51
9Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:09
10Jim EddyBeeston CC25:25
11Jon SingfieldVC Long Eaton25:27
12Ryan BallardCWCC25:45
13Alex HodgkinsonBeeston CC25:48
14James PeckoverBeeston Road Club26:11
15Richard AlexanderBeeston CC26:15
16Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:36
17A BenskinCTC28:25
18Kelly WealBike Science28:45
19J McKinlayLoughborough Tri28:48
20Peter BoddyBalanced Performance29:39
21M GouldLoughborough Phoenix30:39
 12 August, 2014  
1Ed WaltersDerby Mercury22:57
2Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton24:04
3Jon HartleyVC Long Eaton24:05
4Kevin FearnshawBeeston Road Club24:42
5M FordVC Long Eaton24:57
6C ThompsonLRC25:10
7Martin SmithBeeston CC25:23
8Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:27
9Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:34
10R BallardCWCC25:44
11Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club26:03
12Jerry CookVC Long Eaton27:00
13Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:40
14Mel BerryBeeston Road Club28:34
15Anthony BenskinCTC28:38
16Andrew ElkingtonCTC29:36
17M GouldLoughborough Phoenix31:03
 5 August, 2014  
1Alan WhyteVC Long Eaton22:56
2Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:33
3Matthew AndersonRPC RT23:56
4Kevin FearnshawBeeston Road Club24:14
5Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:05
6Ryan BallardCWCC25:25
7Derek HaydenTFN Tri Club25:26
8Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club27:47
9M GouldLoughborough Phoenix30:19
 29 July, 2014  
1Ed WaltersDerby Mercury22:32
2Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:05
3Dan SpeedBike Science23:12
4Nigel FordVC Long Eaton23:50
5Matthew AndersonRPC RT23:52
6Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton23:56
7Richard BootBeeston CC24:01
8Alan WhyteVC Long Eaton24:52
9Chris StanleyBeeston CC24:58
10Jim EddyBeeston CC25:09
11Ryan BallardCWCC25:30
12Jerry CookVC Long Eaton26:02
13Adrian HaywoodBeeston Road Club26:18
14Derek HaydenTFN Tri Club26:18
15Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:21
16Peter BoddyBalanced Performance29:07
17Tom MillerBeeston Road Club29:21
18M GouldLoughborough Phoenix29:28
 22 July, 2014  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:40
2Simon CooperNottingham Clarion23:20
3Dan SpeedBike Science23:40
4Jon HartleyVC Long Eaton23:49
5Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:23
6J SingfieldVC Long Eaton24:56
7Chris StanleyBeeston CC24:59
8Adam HuelssVC Long Eaton25:03
9Jim EddyBeeston CC25:40
10A HodgkinsonBeeston CC25:43
11Ed TooneLRC25:53
12Chris ThompsonLRC26:12
13Jerry CookVC Long Eaton26:13
14Alan DalzellVC Long Eaton26:40
15Richard AlexanderBeeston CC26:44
16Adrian HaywoodBeeston Road Club27:14
17Mike DavisBeeston CC27:36
18Stephen FoxVC Long Eaton27:46
19Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club28:10
20Nigel TurnerBeeston CC28:46
21M GouldLoughborough Phoenix29:59
 15 July, 2014  
1Jon HartleyVC Long Eaton23:38
2Andy KeetleyBeeston CC23:51
3Richard ReeveBeeston CC24:44
4Nigel FordVC Long Eaton24:46
5Jonathan GarrattSyston24:57
6Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:03
7Jim EddyBeeston CC25:30
8David CrossBeeston CC26:04
9Ryan BallardCWCC26:17
10Mike DavisBeeston Road Club28:00
11Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club28:14
12Peter BoddyBalanced Performance28:36
13Sally MaitlandBeeston CC28:50
14Adrian HaywoodBeeston Road ClubDNF
 8 July, 2014  
 No event, rained off  
 1 July, 2014  
1Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:56
2Richard ReeveBeeston CC24:35
3Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:20
4Alex HodgkinsonBeeston CC25:32
5S TooneLRC25:33
6David CrossBeeston CC26:14
7Derek HaydenTFN Tri Club26:16
8Jim EddyBeeston CC26:36
9Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:48
10Gary BrookesHeanor Clarion30:09
11Nathan WrightHeanor Clarion31:38
12Chris BatesBeeston CCDNS
 24 June, 2014  
1Andy TarryTFN Tri Club23:06
2Simon CooperNottingham Clarion23:31
3Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:39
4Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:52
5Jim EddyBeeston CC27:43
6Mike DavisBeeston Road Club28:12
7Nick JohnstonBeeston CC28:13
8Louise O'ReilyBeeston Road Club28:27
9Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club29:02
 17 June, 2014  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:38
2Simon CooperNottingham Clarion23:31
3Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:58
4Andy TarryTFN Tri Club24:01
5Richard BootBeeston CC24:37
6Alan WhyteVC Long Eaton24:55
7Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:42
8Mike DavisBeeston Road Club28:04
9Hannah SpencerBeeston Road Club30:09
10Stuart WallerBeeston CCDNF
 10 June, 2014  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:23
2Harry ThompsonLRC24:25
3Dan SpeedBike Science24:26
4Richard BootBeeston CC24:30
5Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:30
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:33
7Chris ThompsonLRC26:26
8Jim EddyBeeston CC27:02
9Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club27:42
5 miles
1Tom MillerBeeston Road Club13:38
 3 June, 2014  
1Chris BatesBeeston CC22:51
2Simon CooperNottingham Clarion23:12
3Joe PerkinsBeeston Road Club23:17
4Adam SmithBeeston Road Club23:27
5Jon HartleyVC Long Eaton23:49
6Richard BootBeeston CC24:01
7Darren PerryBeeston Road Club24:02
8Kevin FearnshawBeeston Road Club24:18
9Richard ReeveBeeston CC24:58
10Tobieu FletcherVC Long Eaton25:03
11Dave CrossBeeston CC25:19
12Tom CoxSBABEs25:22
13Louise BurnieLoughborough Students CC25:26
14Chris ThompsonLRC25:32
15Christopher TillSBABEs25:43
16Richard JohnstonBeeston CC25:58
17Dan BlakeBeeston Road Club26:38
18Jim EddyBeeston CC26:41
19Mark TarrantBeeston CC27:34
20Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club27:45
21Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:54
22John BrooksGlossop Kinder Velo28:01
 20 May, 2014  
1Simon CooperNottingham Clarion23:10
2Stewart BatesBeeston Road Club23:16
3Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:24
3Jonathan CoulsonPMR@Toachimhouse23:24
5Adam SmithBeeston Road Club23:28
6Dan SpeedBike Science23:47
7Joe PerkinsBeeston Road Club23:54
8Richard BootBeeston CC23:58
9Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:18
10Louise CollinsBeeston Road Club24:30
11Tim DoyleTFN Tri Club25:26
12Dan BlakeBeeston Road Club25:32
13Will HayesBeeston CC25:35
14Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:38
15Derek HaydenTFN Tri Club25:42
16Pierre VernieLoughborough Students CC25:51
17Chris KilburnAbsolute Tri26:17
18Tim BladonBeeston Road Club26:53
19Kelly WeallBike Science27:18
20James SoperBeeston Road Club27:21
21Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club27:36
22Louise O'ReilyBeeston Road Club27:45
23Mark SmithBeeston CC28:20
24Chris PriceDerby Mercury28:57
25Gary BrookesHeanor Clarion29:36
26Nathan WrightHeanor Clarion30:00
27Kevin FearnshawBeeston Road ClubDNF
 13 May, 2014  
1Ben WimporyPMR@Toachimhouse22:48
2Simon CooperNottingham Clarion23:36
3Stuart BatesBeeston Road Club23:56
4Jon HartleyVC Long Eaton24:37
5Richard BootBeeston CC24:47
6Phil HelmVC Long Eaton25:14
7David GardnerWymswold Wheelers25:21
8Louise CollinsBeeston Road Club25:21
9Pierce VernieLoughborough Students CC25:34
10Chris StanleyBeeston CC26:01
11Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:07
12Jim EddyBeeston CC27:11
13Phil Gray-BlestBeeston CCDNF
 6 May, 2014  
1Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:29
2Shaun EdenMapperley22:55
3Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:05
4Sandy KingLoughborough CC23:23
5Alan WhyteVC Long Eaton23:54
6Dan SpeedBike Science23:59
7Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:11
8Mark WakelingBeeston Road Club24:15
9Richard BootBeeston CC24:18
10Adam SmithBeeston Road Club24:18
11Kevin FearnshawTFN Tri Club24:28
12Phil Gray-BlestBeeston CC24:33
13Dave NicholsLSCC24:38
14Llugo CrabyLSCC24:57
15Martin SmithBeeston CC25:16
16Chris StanleyBeeston CC25:41
17David CrossBeeston CC25:49
18Mark RobertsTFN Tri Club26:01
19Chris BatesLSCC26:17
20Jim EddyBeeston CC26:50
21Andrew SidwellBeeston Road Club27:44
22Arran Linton-SmithBeeston Road Club28:19
23Frank WarwickLSCC29:00
24William FaneLSCC34:05
25Chris BatesBeeston CCDNF
26Joanne SpacyBeeston Road ClubDNF
27Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri ClubDNF
 29 April, 2014  
1Ben WimporyPMR@Toachimhouse22:07
2Ian KingVC Long Eaton22:23
3Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:09
4Chris BatesBeeston CC23:16
5Sandy KingLoughborough CC23:20
6Richard BootBeeston CC23:57
7Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:00
8Phil Gray-BlestBeeston CC24:13
9Jack BeavisBeeston CC24:39
10Richard ReeveBeeston CC24:51
11David GardnerSBABEs25:06
12Louise CollinsBeeston Road Club25:15
13Henry TaysomBeeston Road Club25:20
14Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:37
15Reuben NewsomeSBABEs25:41
16David CrossBeeston CC25:49
17Stuart WalkerBeeston CC25:52
18Mark RobertsTFN Tri Club26:22
19Jim EddyBeeston CC26:26
20Chris BatesLoughborough CC26:28
21Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri Club27:01
22Arran Linton-SmithBeeston Road Club27:37
23Louise O'ReilyBeeston Road Club28:02
24Simon LaneBeeston CC29:19
25Roman NeveykewBeeston Road Club31:14
26M GouldLoughborough Phoenix33:38
27Barry McCullenBeeston Road ClubDNF

2013 Season

 6 September, 2013  
 Hill Climb, No Man's Lane  
1Mark NewingBeeston CC2:54
2Adam SpeakeBeeston CC2:58
3Richard BootBeeston CC2:59
4Adam SmithBeeston Road Club3:05
5Chris BatesBeeston CC3:11
6Will HayesBeeston CC3:13
7Adi HaynesBeeston CC3:13
8Peter CampbellBeeston CC3:13
9David CrossBeeston CC3:15
10Robert HowdenBeeston CC3:17
11Shaun RobertsonBeeston CC3:19
12Stuart BaidyBeeston CC3:27
13Tony SheppardBeeston CC3:29
14Jack BeavisBeeston CC3:35
15Ian DenningBeeston CC3:50
16Stuart WallerBeeston CC3:53
17Dan WilliamsBeeston CC4:12
18Guy DinsdaleBeeston CC4:21
19Sheryl SheppardBeeston CC4:28
20Marcel BartosBeeston CC5:04
21Sue SmithBeeston CC5:43
 20 August, 2013  
1Adam SmithBeeston Road Club23:57
2Nigel FordVC Long Eaton24:37
3Robert HowdenBeeston CC25:03
4Andy KeetleyBeeston CC25:08
5Stuart WalkerBeeston CC25:21
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:30
7Adam SpeakeBeeston CC25:44
8David CrossBeeston CC25:47
9Matt GloverTFN Tri Club25:48
10Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:04
11John AtkinMOCC26:08
12Mel BerryBeeston Road Club26:23
13Tim ByardBeeston Road Club26:33
14Kelly WeallBike Science26:49
15Mike DavisBeeston Road Club26:58
16Matt LawRepton CC27:16
17Louise O'ReileyBeeston Road Club27:36
18Chris LazzBeeston Road Club27:56
19Jim EddyBeeston CC28:09
20Nigel TurnerBeeston CC28:35
21Simon BridgefordSLC31:15
 13 August, 2013  
1Simon CooperNottingham Clarion23:09
2Tom HibberdTFN Tri Club23:19
3Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:32
4Mark WakelingBeeston Road Club23:51
5Alan WhyteVC Long Eaton24:13
6Adam SmithBeeston Road Club24:25
7Martin SmithBeeston CC25:14
8Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:46
9Stuart WallerBeeston CC25:49
10Alex HallTFN Tri Club25:58
11Melvyn HaywoodTFN Tri Club26:09
12David CrossBeeston CC26:32
13Kelly WealdBike Science Boardman Elite26:44
14Mel BerryBeeston Road Club26:54
15Maggi IvreniBike Science27:02
16Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:05
17Linn LangelandTFN Tri Club29:17
18JoTFN Tri Club29:21
19HannahTFN Tri Club29:23
20Gudrun MeislTFN Tri Club30:22
21Hannah SpencerBeeston Road Club31:49
22JessTFN Tri Club32:58
23Simon BridgefordBeeston CC37:46
 6 August, 2013  
1Tom HibberdTFN Tri Club23:34
2Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:35
3Matt GloverTFN Tri Club23:47
4Alan WhyteVC Long Eaton23:52
5Richard BootBeeston CC24:05
6Adam SmithBeeston Road Club24:17
7Matt DowneyTFN Tri Club24:37
8Stuart WalkerBeeston CC25:51
9Robert HowdenBeeston CC26:01
10John AtkinMOCC26:15
11David CrossBeeston CC26:30
12Maffi TebrakeTFN Tri Club27:01
13Mel BerryBeeston Road Club27:17
14Kelly WealBike Science27:24
15Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:27
16Alex HallTFN Tri Club27:35
17Louise O'ReileyBeeston Road Club28:11
18Hannah SimmondsTFN Tri Club29:46
19Garry BrookesHeanor29:57
20Hannah SpencerBeeston Road Club31:52
21Steve DexterAbsolute TRI34:12
22Jess BarringtonTFN Tri Club38:08
 30 July, 2013  
1Andy TarryTFN Tri Club22:56
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:58
3Adam SmithBeeston Road Club24:11
4Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:37
5Rob DaviesBeeston CC25:23
6Melvyn HaywoodTFN Tri Club25:46
7Robert HowdenBeeston CC26:16
8John AtkinMOCC26:31
9Maffi TebrabeTFN Tri Club26:46
10Mike WhittakerBeeston CC26:47
11Alex KerrisonBeeston Road Club28:01
12Jo MallinsonTFN Tri Club29:54
13Linn LangelandTFN Tri Club30:00
14James WalkerBeeston Road Club30:33
15Hannah SpencerBeeston Road Club32:00
16Alex HallTFN Tri ClubDNF
 16 July, 2013  
1Simon Cassper?Nottingham Clarion23:20
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:39
4Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:41
5Nigel FordLEUC24:48
6Martin SmithBeeston CC25:07
7David CrossBeeston CC25:54
8John AtkinMOCC26:05
9Stuart WalkerBeeston CC26:09
10Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri Club26:24
11Barry McCullenBeeston Road Club27:21
12Alex KerrisonBeeston Road Club27:41
13Louise O'ReileyBeeston Road Club28:45
14Gary BrookesHenor CC28:52
15Linn LangelandTFN Tri Club29:05
16Hannah SpencerBeeston Road Club31:59
 9 July, 2013  
1Andy TarryTFN Tri Club22:27
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:41
3Matt GloverTFN Tri Club24:05
4Nigel FordLF Velo25:38
5Stuart WalkerBeeston CC25:56
6Kelly WeallBike Science27:12
7Jim WilsonBeeston CC27:37
8Mel BerryBeeston Road Club27:43
9Dean WarnerBeeston Road Club29:16
10Gary BrookesHeanor29:19
11Linn LangelandTFN Tri Club29:50
12Hannah SpencerBeeston Road Club32:48
 2 July, 2013  
1Matt GloverTFN Tri Club24:05
2Chris BennettAbsolute Tri24:06
3Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:30
4Jansch GreatrixBeeston CC28:25
5Nigel TurnerBeeston CC30:31
6Linn LangelandTFN Tri Club31:04
 25 June, 2013  
1Andy TarryTFN Tri Club23:06
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:42
3Matt GloverTFN Tri Club23:47
4Chris BennettAbsolute Tri24:11
5Sam ParkerHUUB24:19
6Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:31
7Martin SmithBeeston CC25:00
8Stuart WallerBeeston CC26:25
9Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri Club26:39
10Jim EddyBeeston CC26:58
11Jansch GreatrixBeeston CC27:51
12Nigel TurnerBeeston CC31:20
13Linn LangelandTFN Tri Club31:45
 18 June, 2013  
1Richard BootBeeston CC23:30
2Chris Bennett 24:10
3Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:16
4Robin ThompsonBeeston CC24:49
5Will HayesBeeston CC25:33
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:58
7Jim EddyBeeston Road Club27:18
8Mel BerryBeeston Road Club27:18
9Arran Linton-SmithBeeston Road Club27:45
10Mike DavisBeeston Road Club28:07
11Janscn GreatrixBeeston CC28:13
12John LambertTFN Tri Club28:56
13Jo MallinsonTFN Tri Club30:24
14Hannah SpencerBeeston Road Club33:52
 11 June, 2013  
1Richard BootBeeston CC23:39
2Chris BennettAbsolute Tri24:33
3Matthew AndersonDynamic Bikes/RPC25:00
4Sam BlackledgeFontana CC25:42
5Tim DoyleTFN Tri Club25:51
6John HerridgeFontana CC26:11
7Johan Van AardtFontana CC26:42
8Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:42
9Gary BrookesHeanor Clarrion29:40
10John LambertTFN Tri Club30:13
 4 June, 2013  
1Ben WimporyPMR@Toachimhorse22:42
2Matt GloverTFN Tri Club23:53
3Tom HibberdTFN Tri Club24:01
4Richard BootBeeston CC24:09
5Andy KeetleyBeeston CC24:12
6Robin ThompsonBeeston CC24:44
7Stephen CCatford CC25:13
8Duncan KeatesLSCC25:50
9Kelly WealdBike Science Boardman Elite27:05
10David CrossBeeston Road Club27:23
11Melanie BerryBeeston Road Club27:48
12Nigel TurnerBeeston CC29:10
13Louise O'ReilyBeeston Road Club29:28
14John LambertTFN Tri Club30:45
15Jo MallinsonTFN Tri Club30:47
16Gudrun MeislTFN Tri Club30:49
 21 May, 2013  
1Stuart BatesTFN Tri Club23:21
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:55
3Chris BennetAbsolute Tri24:21
4Simon CooperNottingham Clarion24:22
5Chris BatesBeeston CC24:43
6Adam SmithBeeston Road Club25:02
7Oliver BridgewoodTFN Tri Club25:34
8Andy KeetleyBeeston CC25:40
9Duncan KeatesLSCC25:59
10Louise CollinsTFN Tri Club26:11
11Jack BeavisBeeston CC27:15
12Ed Kay 27:46
13Melyvn HaywoodTFN Tri Club28:07
14Mel BerryBeeston Road Club29:04
15Jo MallinsonTFN Tri Club29:37
16Nigel TurnerBeeston CC29:38
17Louise O'ReilyBeeston Road Club29:52
18Tom HibberdTFN Tri ClubDNF
1Hannah SpencerBeeston Road ClubDNS

2012 Season

 28th August, 2012  
1Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:13
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:48
3Ian PenroseVC Rutland/SBABEs24:23
4Mark NewingBeeston CC24:53
5Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:05
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:12
7Chris DavisonPrivate25:13
8John AtkinMelton Olympic CC26:00
9Chris BatesBeeston CC26:03
10Adi HaynesBeeston CC26:07
11Adam SmithBeeston CC26:13
12Nick JohnstonBeeston CC26:31
13Will HayesBeeston CC26:35
14Jim EddyBeeston CC26:55
15Ed KayPrivate27:07
16Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:41
17Mat TarrantBeeston CC28:35
18Dave JordanDerby Mercury28:53
19Louise O'RileyBeeston Road Club29:10
20Rob KrauseBeeston CC29:32
21Dave CrossPrivate29:37
22Nigel TurnerBeeston CC30:09
23Laura PenroseMelton Olympic CC32:13
24Dawn McGuiganBeeston Road Club32:43
25Aimee GamblePrivate33:43
 21st August, 2012  
 No event, rained off  
 14th August, 2012  
1Mike WhitakerBeeston CC22:39
2Simon CooperNottingham Clarion23:53
3Matthew AndersonPrivate24:16
4Ian PenroseVC Rutland/SBABEs24:19
5Adi HaynesBeeston CC25:52
6John AtkinMOCC26:02
7Jim FodyBeeston CC26:07
8Andy KeetleyBeeston CC26:35
9Nick JohnstonBeeston CC26:38
10Kelly WeallTFN Tri Club27:19
11Adrian HowittInverse Racing27:20
12Jack CarterPrivate27:26
13Geoff CarterVC Long Eaton29:01
 7th August, 2012  
1Mike WhitakerBeeston CC23:23
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:55
3Ian PenrossVC Rutland/SBABEs24:31
4R ThompsonBeeston CC25:51
5J AtkinMelton Olympic CC26:15
6Melvyn HeywoodTFN Tri Club26:30
7Nick JohnstonBeeston CC27:06
8A MeadwellBeeston CC27:31
9Adam SmithBeeston CC28:09
10Nigel TurnerBeeston CC30:15
11Adi HaynesBeeston CCDNF
 31st July, 2012  
 No event, rained off  
 24th July, 2012  
1Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:18
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:40
3Chris BennettAbsolute TRI24:17
4Jack BottomleyTFN Tri Club24:52
5Robin ThompsonBeeston CC25:32
6Jim EddyBeeston CC25:55
7Duncan KeatesLSCC26:21
8Andy KeetleyBeeston CC26:26
9Mark DaineVC Long Eaton26:39
10Stewart RileyBeeston CC27:03
11Tom HibberdTFN Tri Club27:15
12A MeadwellBeeston CC27:46
13John AtkinMOCC27:53
14Dave WoodardBeeston Road Club28:04
16Louise O'ReilyBeeston Road Club29:04
17Nigel TurnerBeeston CC30:57
 17th July, 2012  
1Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:30
2Richard BootBeeston CC24:00
3Oliver BridgewoodTFN Tri Club25:41
4M WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:42
5Robin ThompsonBeeston CC25:51
6Chris DavisonTFN Tri Club26:01
7Jim EddyBeeston CC26:23
8Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:43
9Chris BennettAbsolute TRI26:46
10M HeywoodTFN Tri Club26:47
11R Gechiei-Ride27:21
12K WeallTFN Tri Club28:02
13Andy MeadwellBeeston CC28:42
14Ed KayPrivate30:04
15Nigel TurnerBeeston CC30:53
 10th July, 2012  
1Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:32
2Sam ParkerTFN Tri Club24:55
3Simon CooperNottingham Clarion25:06
4Richard BootBeeston CC25:39
5Jim EddyBeeston CC26:10
 3rd July, 2012  
 No event, rained off  
 26th June, 2012  
1Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:37
2Richard BootBeeston CC24:02
3R ThompsonBeeston CC25:45
4Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:16
5Andy KeetleyBeeston CC26:16
6Jim EddyBeeston CC26:36
7Stuart RileyBeeston CC27:42
8Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:43
9A MeadwellBeeston CC28:06
10M GouldLoughborough Phoenix29:27
11G CarterVC Long Eaton29:52
12N TurnerBeeston CC30:10
13James BonningtonPrivateDNF
 19 June, 2012  
1Richard BootBeeston CC23:47
2Simon CooperNottingham Clarion24:44
3Alex GreenwayTFN Tri Club25:28
4Robin ThompsonBeeston CC25:50
5Tony SheppardBeeston CC26:03
6Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:16
7Jim EddyBeeston CC26:29
8Steward RileyBeeston CC27:21
9Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:38
10Jo MallinsonTFN Tri Club29:30
11M GouldLoughborough Phoenix30:02
 12 June, 2012  
1Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:54
2Richard BootBeeston CC24:04
3Chris BennettAbsolute TRI24:04
4Matt GloverTFN Tri Club25:09
5Simon CooperNottingham Clarion25:37
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:43
7K HumphreyWymswold25:48
8Robin ThompsonBeeston CC26:19
9Neil ShawBeeston CC26:26
10J EddyBeeston CC26:31
11Samuel MariniSam Cycling26:55
12Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:52
13M GouldLoughborough Phoenix29:34
 5 June, 2012  
 No event, rained off  
 29 May 2012  
1Dan SpeedTFN Tri Club23:17
2Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:24
3Richard BootBeeston CC24:16
4Olly Greville-HeygateVelo Club Rutland25:08
5Will HayesBeeston CC25:49
6Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:59
7Neil ShawBeeston CC26:20
8Jim EddyBeeston CC26:50
9Adam SmithBeeston CC26:58
10Adrian HowittInverse Cyclaim RT27:48
11David PhillipsBeeston CC28:34
12M GouldLoughborough Phoenix29:21
13Geoff CarterVC Long Eaton29:26
 22 May 2012  
1Richard BootBeeston CC23:45
2Chris BennettAbsolute TRI24:03
3Jack BottomleyTFN Tri Club24:16
4D GardnerSBABEs25:03
5D HeygateVelo Club Rutland25:41
6Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:55
7Matthew WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:03
8M HeywoodTFN Tri Club26:09
9Neil ShawBeeston CC26:19
10Adam SmithBeeston CC26:56
11Reuben NewsomeSBABEs27:00
12Jimm EddyBeeston CC27:21
13A HowittInverse Cyclaim RT27:22
14N BolandBeeston Road Club27:34
15Christopher TillSBABEs29:08
16M GouldLoughborough Phoenix30:36
17D PhillipsBeeston CC30:36f
 8 May 2012  
1Dave NicholsLoughborough Students CC23:10
2Alexander KingLoughborough Students CC23:21
3Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:56
4Richard BootBeeston CC24:07
5Chris BennettAbsolute TRI24:35
6Andy WhaleLoughborough Students CC24:36
7P HelmVC Long Eaton24:43
8Simon CooperNottingham Clarion25:12
9Duncan KeatesLoughborough Students CC25:12
10Graham HowellForza Cycling Team25:30
11Steve BeckBeeston CC25:35
12Joe TuckerLoughborough Students CC25:42
13Philip DavisLoughborough Students CC26:20
14Neil ShawPrivate26:22
15Stuart WallerBeeston CC26:29
16Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:30
17Christopher TillSBABEs26:48
18Jim EddyBeeston CC27:05
19Reuben NewsomeSBABEs27:13
20Adam SmithBeeston CC28:09
21Kelly WeallTFN Tri Club28:38

2011 Season

 23 August, 2011  
1Nick DunnTFN Tri Club23:08
2Robert HowdenBeeston CC24:30
3James PeckoverNottingham Clarion24:32
4Holger ZellentinPrivate26:24
5M HeywoodTFN Tri Club26:59
6Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix28:34
7Gary PeckoverNottingham Clarion28:57
8Mick DraperVC Long Eaton30:24
 16 August, 2011  
1Mike WhittakerBeeston CC23:48
2Mark WakelingRVO Racing24:00
3Chris BennettAbsolute TRI24:04
4John AtkinMelton Olympic CC25:59
5Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:14
6Michael BironneauLoughborough Students CC26:15
7Alex GreenewayTFN Tri Club26:21
8Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:24
9Mike DavisBeeston Road Club26:50
10Will HayesBeeston CC28:24
11Lee ButteryBeeston CC28:38
12Mick DraperVC Long Eaton30:27
 9 August, 2011  
1Mark WakelingRVO Racing23:41
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:58
3Chris BennettAbsolute TRI24:13
4Dan SpeedBeeston CC25:39
5Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix25:46
6Herve MorvanBeeston CC26:35
7Olly HeygateVC Rutland/SBABEs26:45
8Mike DavisBeeston Road Club26:55
9Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix28:55
10Lee ButteryBeeston CC29:00
 2 August, 2011  
1M Newing/R BootBeeston CC23:43
2Matt GloverTFN Tri Club24:40
3J Wilson/H MorvanBeeston CC24:56
4Alex GreenawayTFN Tri Club25:48
5Tony DaykinBeeston CC27:21
6Dan SpeedBeeston CC27:27
7Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix28:08
8T Hibberd/J MallinsonTFN Tri Club28:18
9Sam MorleyTFN Tri Club28:25
10Chris BennettLangdale Cycles28:32*
11Clare ClewerTFN Tri Club29:56
12Sandra LeeTFN Tri Club30:21
13Lee ButteryBeeston CCDNF
 26 July, 2011  
1Andy TarryTFN Tri Club22:53
2Richard BootBeeston CC23:51
3M GloverTFN Tri Club25:16
4Tony DaykinBeeston CC27:01
5Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:11
6Helen VoceTFN Tri Club28:49
7Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix28:53
8Gudrum MeislTFN Tri Club32:05
 19 July, 2011  
1Richard BootBeeston CC24:28
2Mark NewingBeeston CC24:59
3Michael BironneauLoughborough Students CC25:21
4Adrian HowittInverse Cyclaim RT26:21
5Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:30
6Tony SheppardBeeston CC26:42
7Will HayesBeeston CC27:09
8Tony DaykinBeeston CC27:35
9Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:39
10Lee ButteryBeeston CC28:54
11Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix28:56
12Ian GloverBeeston CC29:16
 12 July, 2011  
1Richard BootBeeston CC24:37
2Robert HowdenBeeston CC24:48
3Dan SpeedBeeston CC25:10
4Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:45
5Michael BironneauLoughborough Students CC25:49
6Adrian HowittInverse Cyclaim RT26:58
7Jon MarshallBeeston CC27:00
8Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix28:42
9Russell PindarBeeston CC28:58
10Dave TortoiseshellBritish Army CC30:05
 5 July, 2011  
1Andy TarryTFN Tri Club22:43
2Richard BootBeeston CC24:24
3Jon MarshallBeeston CC25:24
4Alex GibbonHeatwave CC25:42
5Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:49
6Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:33
7Rhod ShipleyPrivate26:37
8Mat TarrantBeeston CC27:10
9Ben HigginsLoughborough Phoenix28:09
10Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix29:00
11Sally MaierMansfield RC31:06
 28 June, 2011  
1Matt PassangerLoughborough Phoenix22:11
2Richard BootBeeston CC24:40
3Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:35
4Alex GreenawayTFN Tri Club26:12
5Rhod ShipleyPrivate26:33
6Chris BatesPrivate27:03
7Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix28:48
 21 June, 2011  
1Tim FinchLoughborough Students CC23:57
2Richard BootBeeston CC25:11
3Chris OsbourneNottingham Clarion25:31
4Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:47
5Joe TuckerLoughborough Students CC26:14
6Jon MarshallBeeston CC27:00
7Alex GreenwayTFN Tri Club27:09
8M HeywoodTFN Tri Club27:24
9Will HayesBeeston CC27:50
10Olly HeygateVC Rutland/SBABEs28:14
11Simon HillBeeston CC28:33
12Russell PindarBeeston CC28:53
13Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix29:24
 14 June, 2011  
1Dave NichollsLoughborough Students CC22:36
2Andy TarryTFN Tri Club22:48
3Michael ThelwellTeam Qoroz23:47
4Kev FearnshawTFN Tri Club24:39
5Richard BootBeeston CC25:03
6Dom SeymourBeeston CC25:51
7Alex GreenawayTFN Tri Club26:05
8Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:14
9Julie LambourneTFN Tri Club26:18
10Tony SheppardBeeston CC26:49
11Mike DavisBeeston Road Club26:57
12Jon MarshallBeeston CC27:00
13Mark RogersonBeeston CC28:09
14Helen VoceTFN Tri Club28:27
15Steve PullanBeeston CC28:55
16Ian GloverBeeston CC28:58
17Gudrun MeislTFN Tri Club30:34
 7 June, 2011  
1Tim EasterBrat25:11
2Kev FearnshawTFN Tri Club25:24
3Dom SeymourBeeston CC25:47
4Matt DowneyTFN Tri Club26:17
5Julie LambourneTFN Tri Club26:42
6Jon MarshallBeeston CC26:51
7Tony SheppardBeeston CC27:03
8Russell PindarBeeston CC28:49
9Vreni VerhoevenTFN Tri Club29:01
10Paul NewsonBeeston CC32:41
 31 May, 2011  
1Dave NicholsLoughborough Students CC22:01
2Matt PassangerLoughborough Students CC22:41
3Henry Sleightwww.drag2zero.com23:53
4Tom HibbardTFN Tri Club24:15
5Michael ThelwellTeam Qoroz24:29
6Ben OglesbyPrivate25:03
7Tim EasterBrat25:09
8Kev FearnshawTFN Tri Club25:09
9Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:16
10Owen WilsonLoughborough Students CC25:27
11Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:16
12Philip DavisLoughborough Students CC26:19
13Chris ReevesLoughborough Students CC26:22
14Tim ClarkTFN Tri Club26:28
15Joe TuckerLoughborough Students CC26:50
16Matthew ClaxonLoughborough Students CC27:05
17Tony SheppardBeeston CC27:05
18Chris HolmesLoughborough Students CC27:19
19David GardnerPrivate27:45
20Mat TarrantBeeston CC27:58
21Bobby HydeSBABEs28:31
22Kev ClarkePrivate28:51
23Jon MarshallBeeston CC28:58
24Helen VoceTFN Tri Club29:15
25Will HayesBeeston CC29:15
26Rob SidesLoughborough Students CC30:13
27Gudrum MeislTFN Tri Club31:03
28Paul NewsonBeeston CC32:30
 24 May, 2011  
1Dave NicholsLoughborough Students CC22:30
2Mark NewingBeeston CC24:55
3Tim EasterBrat25:20
4Dan SpeedBeeston CC25:30
5Tom HibbardTFN Tri Club25:48
6Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:55
7Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:52
8Jon MarshallBeeston CC27:17
9Matt DowneyTFN Tri Club27:31
10Olly HeygateVC Rutland/SBABEs27:59
11Bobby HydeSBABEs28:26
12Mat TarrantBeeston CC28:40
13Steve PullanBeeston CC29:42
14Matthew BridgeSBABEs29:47
15Russell PindarBeeston CC30:04
16Liam HobbsBeeston CC31:01
17Jo MallinsonTFN Tri Club31:26
18Paul NewsonBeeston CC33:08
 17 May, 2011  
1Sam ReddingGWR Team22:57
2Mike JonesNottingham Clarion24:04
3Dan SpeedBeeston CC24:42
4Oliver NuthallNottingham Clarion24:55
5Matt GloverTFN Tri Club25:12
6Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:54
7Matt DowneyTFN Tri Club26:22
8Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix26:48
9Craig WoodNottingham Clarion26:50
10Julie LambourneTFN Tri Club26:52
11Gareth WetherhillLoughborough Students CC26:56
12Jon MarshallBeeston CC27:17
13Olly HeygateVC Rutland/SBABEs27:25
14Steve PullanBeeston CC29:41
15Dave NicholsLoughborough Students CCDNS
 10 May, 2011  
1David NicholsLoughborough Students CC22:33
2Matt PassangerLoughborough Students CC22:59
3Sam ReddingGWR Team23:36
4Dan SpeedBeeston CC24:43
5Alexander GibbonHeatwave CC25:04
6Matt GloverTFN Tri Club25:29
7Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:05
8Tom ColeLoughborough Students CC26:18
9Matt WoodLoughborough Phoenix27:06
10Joe TuckerPrivate27:30
11Jon MarshallBeeston CC27:36
12Matt HeylandsSBABEs28:00
13Olly HeygateVC Rutland/SBABEs28:11
14Russell PindarBeeston CC29:06
15Bobby HydeSBABEs29:10
16Steve PullanBeeston CC30:20
17Matt DowneyTFN Tri Club30:30
18Adam SmithBeeston CC30:59
19Jo MallinsonTFN Tri Club31:04
20Gudrum MeislTFN Tri Club31:39
21Matt BridgeLoughborough Phoenix31:47
22Paul NewsonBeeston CC33:20
23Vreni VerhoevenTFN Tri Club44:24*
 3 May, 2011  
1Dan SpeedBeeston CC24:34
2Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:17
3Craig WoodNottingham Clarion26:45
4Helen VoceTFN Tri Club29:42
5Jo MallinsonTFN Tri Club31:23
6Gudrun MeislTFN Tri Club31:25
7Matt WardLoughborough PhoenixDNF
 26 April, 2011  
1Dan SpeedBeeston CC26:06
2Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix29:50
3Liam HobbsBeeston CC31:26
4Helen VoceTFN Tri Club31:31
5Paul NewsonBeeston CC33:15

2010 Season

 24 August, 2010  
 No event, rained off  
 17 August, 2010  
1Mark WakelingBeeston CC24:06
2Mike WhittakerBeeston CC24:47
3Richard BootBeeston CC24:55
4Richard BootBeeston CC24:59
5Steve BeckBeeston CC25:27
6Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:44
7Lawrence FrostEmpella Racing25:57
8Mike DavisBeeston Road Club26:58
9Richard ShentonBeeston CC27:07
10Pete ReillyVC Long Eaton27:08
11Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:15
12Roy OakesGo Sport Spex27:35
13M WoodVC Long Eaton27:35
14Miles HallamBeeston CC30:11
15Martin CollinsVC Long Eaton30:45
 3 August, 2010  
1Dan SpeedBeeston CC24:32
2Jim WilsonBeeston CC25:35
3Steve BeckBeeston CC25:36
4Herve MorvanBeeston CC26:37
5Miles HallamBeeston CC30:08
6Chris WhaleBeeston CC31:17
 27 July, 2010  
 No event, rained off  
 20 July, 2010  
1Richard BootBeeston CC24:12
2Mark NewingBeeston CC24:51
3Richard ShentonBeeston CC27:18
4Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix29:03
 13 July, 2010  
 No event, rained off  
 6 July, 2010  
1Richard BootBeeston CC24:48
2Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:16
3Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:47
4Richard ShentonBeeston CC27:54
5Andy ButlerBeeston CC28:39
6Mark PlowrightBeeston Road Club29:51
 29 June, 2010  
1Richard BootBeeston CC24:39
2Geoff CarterVC Long Eaton29:19
 22 June, 2010  
1Richard BootBeeston CC24:15
2Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:04
3Adrian PughBeeston CC26:37
4Mark PlowrightBeeston Road Club27:05
5Ben HigginsLoughborough Tri27:17
 15 June, 2010  
1Richard BootBeeston CC24:34
2James DeanLoughborough Students CC25:39
3Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:06
4Andy ButlerBeeston CC28:17
5David MuschialliRawlins CC29:01
6David PhilipsBeeston CC29:13
 8 June, 2010  
1Richard BootBeeston CC25:07
2David PhillipsBeeston CC29:21
 1 June, 2010  
 No event, rained off  
 25 May, 2010  
1Rodney RouseGo Sports Spex23:11
2Richard BootBeeston CC24:45
3Mike WhittakerBeeston CC25:47
4Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:04
5Miles HallamBeeston CC31:54
6Sarah Danaford-KnightBeeston CC32:39
 18 May, 2010  
1Luke ClarkeTeam Milton Keynes21:49
2Richard BootBeeston CC24:24
3James DeanLoughborough Students CC24:33
4Toby RoseLoughborough Students CC24:43
5Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:04
6Andy ButlerBeeston CC28:18
7Steve SeamarkBeeston CC28:25
8Russell PindarBeeston CC29:40
9David PhillipsBeeston CC29:52
10David MuschialliRawlins CC29:56
11Miles HallamBeeston CC31:26
12Chris WhaleBeeston CC32:05
13Francesco ColemanBeeston CC32:37y
 11 May, 2010  
1Luke ClarkeTeam Milton Keynes23:03
2Rob GrayPedal Power24:20
3Matt HallHeanor Clarion24:21
4Richard BootBeeston CC25:00
5James DeanLoughborough Students CC25:01
6John LambertTFN Tri Club26:48
7Jim WilsonBeeston CC27:08
8Gary BrookesHeanor Clarion29:22
9Mick GouldLoughborough Phoenix30:13
 4 May, 2010  
1Luke ClarkeTeam Milton Keynes22:34
2Tom BaileyRutland CC23:38
3Richard BootBeeston CC24:54
4Dan SpeedBeeston CC25:13
5Matthew SavagePrivate26:12
6Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:43
7John LambertTFN Tri Club27:38
8Mike DavisBeeston Road Club27:43
9Sarah Danaford-KnightBeeston CC33:56
 27 April, 2010  
1Luke ClarkeTeam Milton Keynes22:06
2Rodney RouseGo Sports Spex23:38
3Richard BootBeeston CC24:52
4Paul HartGo Sports Spex25:17
5Jim WilsonBeeston CC26:43
6Matthew SavagePrivate26:52
7Andy ButlerBeeston CC28:42
8David MuschialliRawlins CC29:45
9Sandra LeeTFN Tri Club29:59
10Russell PindarPrivate31:00
11Ian ColemanBeeston CC31:53
12Charlie McDonaldBeeston CC32:51
13Francesco ColemanBeeston CC32:53y
 20 April, 2010  
1Rodney RouseGo Sports Spex23:36
2Paul HartGo Sports Spex25:45
3Richard BootBeeston CC25:57
4Matthew SavagePrivate27:16
5Tom HibberdTFN Tri Club27:44
6Mike DavisBeeston Road Club28:04
7Andy ButlerBeeston CC28:21
8Mark RogersonBeeston CC28:47
9David PhillipsBeeston CC30:10
10David MuschialliRawlins CC30:32
11Chris WhaleBeeston CC31:20
12Miles HallamBeeston CC32:53
13Francesco ColemanBeeston CC39:45y
 13 April, 2010  
 No event, rained off  
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